Recibo Modelo


An automated tool for fast receipt generation, export, and printing with error-checking.

Operating system: Windows


Release : Recibo Modelo 1.1.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Recibo Modelo is a powerful and flexible software tool designed for creating and editing receipts. It's an ideal software solution that simplifies the processing and handling of receipts in any business or organization. It's specifically designed to accelerate the receipt drafting process by eliminating the need for manual entry of certain key information, automatically adding details such as the date and total amount.

Recibo Modelo is capable of automatically formatting tax identifiers (CPF or CNPJ) without the need to manually insert points or lines. This feature greatly simplifies the receipt filling process, ensuring time savings and accuracy.

  • Automatically fills in the date and total amount to speed up the process.
  • Automatically formats the CPF or CNPJ, eliminating the need to enter points and lines.
  • Exports the completed receipt in PDF or JPEG format for easy email forwarding.
  • Offers a receipt preview option before printing to avoid mistakes and later corrections.
  • Allows receipt editing at any time as per requirements.

With Recibo Modelo, creating receipts becomes a simple and smooth process. Thanks to it, you can save precious work time and improve the efficiency of your business. Its intuitive user interface enables easy handling, even for non-tech users. Furthermore, it provides the option to print either one receipt per sheet or two receipts per sheet, offering additional flexibility depending on the specific needs of each business.

Recibo Modelo simplifies and accelerates the receipt creation process, enhancing business efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, Recibo Modelo is an essential tool for any business wanting to optimize its receipt management. Its usage not only enhances business process efficiency but also contributes towards increasing the overall productivity of the company.

- Requires ability to automatically populate date and total amount.
- Must format tax identifiers (CPF/CNPJ) automatically.
- Should export receipts in PDF or JPEG format.
- Must allow for receipt preview before printing.

Streamlines receipt creation and editing process.
Automatically formats tax identifiers for accuracy.
Exports receipts in PDF or JPEG formats.

Can be complex for non-tech savvy users.
No real-time customer support available.
Limited export formats for receipts.
A utility that verifies the existence of listed files and flags missing ones