by Jouni Vuorio

RegCleaner is a small program that displays the data that holds your Operating System together

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jouni Vuorio

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Instructions: How to install RegCleaner and clean the registry

RegCleaner is a small but high-quality program that cleans the registry of garbage. The point is that not all programs clean up their garbage after they have been uninstalled, namely files in the Windows registry. This leads to the fact that the register is growing, fragmented, and the speed of access to it is significantly reduced. The system is simply starting to work slowly. RegCleaner scans the registry and provides a list of those programs that have left problematic entries in the registry. You can select entries about programs that have been removed for a long time and clean them up. There is another small plus, when you see the list of problematic registry keys, you may want to remember those applications that you haven't used for a long time and that can be removed. An additional feature of the program is the ability to remove programs from the autoload - there is a separate tab for this. The unfortunate fact is that RegCleaner has not been supported by the developer for several years. There are complaints from users that the program does not run on multi-core processors or does not work correctly. But there's nothing we can do about it (or not yet).

- Easy to use.

- Ability to undo changes in the registry.

- The speed of scanning.

- Automation of work

- Wide range of useful functions

This is a great program to have on your computer. It scans your computer and tells you what files is slowing your computer down, and what needs to be cleaned. I like that it is easy to use, as I'm not real tech savvy, I like that you can make changes when you need to in the registry itself, and to me a big factor is the speed of the scanning, which is a plus.
This software is really used for registry cleaner when the hardware slows down itself, it affects the performance of the Pc because of the hardware component the computer are built so long and very stable in maximum classes. Sometimes lots of program occurs when installations. Variety of issues when slow down to computer when the problem occurs the regcleaner of windows will help to clean my computer and helps to work faster and gives more storage and space to the computer the cleaner has made help to boost the windows and active much faster than before. This cleaner in pc are so provide the avaiblity and capacity of computer to maintain it.
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