by Kea Sigma Delta Limited

A straightforward photo color correction tool, offering real-time feedback and adjustments

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kea Sigma Delta Limited

Release : Relight 1.10.1

Antivirus check: passed

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Relight is a quick and easy-to-use photo color correction tool. It provides an efficient solution for adjusting images with color issues, whether they're overly red, excessively blue, or tinted with another color. It's also highly useful for correcting faded, overexposed, or underexposed images. Moreover, it allows for the restoration of old, faded photos, bringing back their original vibrancy. Relight also offers opportunities for creative color transformations.

The main strength of Relight is its color transformation engine. By telling the tool what color certain parts of the image should be, the user enables Relight to calculate the corresponding color correction or creative transformation. For instance, you can correct an image by marking a person's face to indicate skin color.

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface, devoid of complex functionalities that clutter the user interface found in weightier image processing and photo manipulation suites.
  • Real-time response and feedback for easy adjustment
  • The color transformation engine maps the image's colors to their correct hues
  • Corrects a photo using colors extracted from another

One of the distinguishing features of Relight is its intuitive interface. It doesn't have the multitude of complex functions that would clutter the user interface, unlike heavier image processing and manipulation suites. Moreover, its real-time responsiveness allows for easy adjustments and a comfortable user experience.

Relight allows for quick, intuitive color correction and restoration of photos with real-time feedback.

Ultimately, whether it is for correcting photos with color issues, restoring old faded photos, or making creative color transformations, Relight is the image color correction tool that can satisfy your photo editing needs.

1. Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
2. RAM: 4GB required, 8GB recommended
3. Graphics card supporting OpenGL 3.3 or later
4. At least 1 GB of free disk space

Efficient solution for correcting color issues in images.
Restores vibrancy in old, faded photos.
Offers creative color transformation opportunities.

Lacks advanced editing features found in comprehensive photo editing tools.
Real-time responsiveness can occasionally slow down with larger files.
No batch processing option for editing multiple images simultaneously.
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