by Lucian Sabo

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lucian Sabo

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Radical Image Optimization Tool (RIOT) is a free program for optimizing images for specific sizes. With it, you can visually choose the optimal balance between file size and image quality. This is often necessary, for example, when uploading photos to websites. Since quality photos weigh a lot, it is necessary to sacrifice the resolution in order to quickly upload the photos to the Internet.

The program has a two-panel interface, where you can see the photo before and after conversion. By changing the quality, you can immediately see the size of the future file. RIOT does not require a lot of RAM for its work, but it is nevertheless a powerful tool that will satisfy even professionals. You can control the compression level, the metadata settings. There are three available file formats for saving files - JPG, GIF and PNG. It supports batch processing of files and standard functions of image correction - contrast, brightness, gamma, inversion.

Dylan (unverified)
RIOT, or Radical Image Optimization Tool, is a program that allows the user to balance image size and quality to their own specifications to create an ideal image. You are able to see the before and after with it's two panel interface. It uses very little RAM and can save files as JPG, GIF, or PNG. You are able to adjust the brightness, contrast, inversion, and gamma of each image.
Daniel (unverified)
When I'm uploading products onto one of my online shops getting the file size right without losing image quality can often be a hassle RIOT takes the headache out of the process allowing me to preview and have some control over the image compression without bogging down my system.
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