Samsung Kies 3


Synchronize data between your Samsung mobile device and Windows PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SAMSUNG

Release: Samsung Kies 3 2.6.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Samsung’s Kies software stands for Key Intuitive Easy System. With Kies you can easily transfer files between your mobile device and Windows PC, keep both in sync and keep your mobile device backed up.


  • Secure data backup
  • Secure data syncing
  • Multimedia syncing (music and videos)
  • Photo, Video and Music libraries
  • Keep your mobile devices updated with the latest firmware
  • Transfer Photos and Videos to your PC
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

When introduced in 2016, Samsung Kies was the cutting edge way to connect your Windows PC to your mobile device. The software allowed users to update their phones wirelessly (before the over-the-air update systems most mobile devices use today), back up their mobile data, transfer captured photos and video to their PCs and keep both devices in sync. It came with multimedia libraries for managing photos, videos, and music. It allowed you to backup contacts, text messages and more onto your PC so that they could be easily restored if your mobile device was ever lost, stolen or became inoperable.

Today, however, most of these features and tasks are handled by OTA (over the air) update services, and cloud services that let you store and backup all your data in one place. Kies, however, is still useful for people with Samsung smartphones and tablets that are older than the Galaxy Note III. Users with newer devices might still have some use for Kies, however, if they do not use cloud services.

Kies 3 supports devices produced after the Galaxy Note III, and Kies 2.6 supports devices older than the Galaxy Note III. Kies 3 requires Android 4.3 or higher, Windows Media Player 11 or higher, or Windows Media Feature Pack.

Samsung Kies 3 lets you upgrade your older Samsung phone’s firmware wirelessly.

I like this software description because it is clear and focused. The intention of the software is clear. I also like the "Features" section. I do think it would be important to add bare-bones instructions of how to download so that customers can see how (hopefully) easy it is to download.
Harry Alcantar
Samsung Kies allows users to sync their phone to their computer. Any file or picture saved on the user's phone will be automatically uploaded to the computer and vice versa. No more switching back and forth from phone to computer when trying to post on social media. Updates will also be provided when phone is plugged to computer.
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