by BleachBit

Clean your computer and have more room in your C Drive

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BleachBit

Release: BleachBit 2.2

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9854

BleachBit for Windows frees space in your disk when your computer is running slow. It can clean your system entirely including your search history and thousands of apps. One key benefit of BleachBit is that it can also delete files that were deleted on other applications and making your computer faster.


  • Cleans your system
  • Computer is faster
  • More room in your disk
  • Wipes everything

If you want to get rid of files and applications that are taking up room in your system, get BleachBit. When your computer is getting full, BleachBit will clean your system and make more room in your disk while at the same time protecting your privacy. 

Your computer will run faster

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