Secure File Deleter

by Mathew Limdonholk

Software that makes it impossible to recover deleted files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mathew Limdonholk

Release: Secure File Deleter 6.04

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Secure File Deleter for Windows is freeware software that completely removes the existence of deleted files from the user's system. Previously, when a user deleted a file or folder, it was still recoverable even after it was moved to the Recycle Bin and emptied. Secure File Deleter was created to avoid interested parties from reestablishing user deleted files, through the use of twelve military-level cryptographic algorithms. The file deleter works by overwriting the deleted files with arbitrary data consisting of a plethora of various safety algorithms created with the purpose of safeguarding the contents of the user's selected data. This method is permanent, making the deleted files completely inaccessible. 

The program provides the ability to overwrite deleted items between one to fifty times to grant the highest level of security. The program gives the user the option to make deleted files seem as if they are simply empty and randomly rename files. Both options grant users the less of a chance that curious parties will look further into the situation. Users can also permanently remove evidence of the file formation, alterations, and the last time it was accessed. 

Secure File Deleter is simple to both download and install. The interface is highly accessible to any person, no matter their level of computer skills. It should be noted, however, that Secure File Deleter is intended to be used by IT professionals, so it is very strong in what it does. There is no room for error when it comes to this, so once a file is deleted, it is gone. There is no coming back. 

Secure File Deleter is super speedy. The system only takes seconds to minutes to remove large files, unlike other similar computer systems. Secure File Deleter is capable of such a thing because it doesn't have to remove all of the file's free space included on the user's hard drive. What it does, instead, is start itself at the exact second a file is selected to be deleted. This allows the program to identify the precise location of the soon-to-be deleted file specifically, and then remove the file contents super fast, without the extra-long time previously required. 
Secure File Deleter Features:

Deleted files permanently with freeware that stands up to government and security agency tools

  • Makes files completely unrecoverable
  • High-speed process
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Gives some options for the level of security desired
  • It's free!
I finally found the perfect tool to delete the files off of my hard drive and completely wipe off the data from my computer! This is perfect for those who need to easily and securely clear out their space.
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