SRS Audio Essentials

by SRS Labs

A multipurpose utility with numerous functions allowing users to adjust the sound for highest possible quality

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SRS Labs

Release: SRS Audio Essentials

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Not every medium of sound is made equally. For this reason, SRS Audio Essentials provides users with numerous settings that are geared toward pre-specified types of core-specified, the highest possible sound quality out of your media. You can choose the correct sound mode choice from external speakers, onboard speakers, gaming, audio, headphones, and movies that correspond to your content. An integrated soundboard sits in the interface that allows the bass, treble, and sound to be adjusted manually with sliders.


  • Controls on the computer-based version of the software are fairly congruent to the controls provided on the mobile application interface
  • Built-in setting that enables the simulation of 5.1 surround sound on almost any videos played
  • Improves gameplay in video games by the sharp and improved sound effects
  • Has TruVolume integrated into it, essentially automatically adjusting the volume of the sound when it detects it to be too loud or too quiet, eliminating any bothersome fluctuations
  • Enhances the pitch of the sound for optimal high pitches and solid heavy low pitched sounds
  • Compatible with the majority of mainstream media players
  • When listening to music with a voice singing, the lyrics are more discernable and clear due to the sound enhancement made with SRS to vocal sounds
  • In videos with quieter scenes, SRS can minimize any background noise to enable a better quality of mono sound
  • Recently added specialized voice mode that is made specifically for high-quality playback of podcasts and audiobooks


Has a wider panorama range and a more dynamic sound than its competitors

Requires a minimum of Windows Vista Service Pack 1, Windows 7 (Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions), 3.0 GHz processor, DirectX 9.0c capable video card, and 1 GB RAM.

It is recommended to use SRS Audio Essentials with a dual-core CPU, and 2GB of RAM for Vista versions and higher. 

The SRS Audio Essentials for Windows serves as an excellent mixer that processes the audio streams from different file formats effectively. This allows for the enhancement of sound and definitely seems amazing for anyone who is creating videos. It seems easy to use and definitely allows for videos to be made better. An enjoyable product to use.
all audio programs it too much music is very cute. there are all family and good music in all tenson all happinessits come to my home left to the film songs and like look to hero and hero songs its good .
I downloaded the application drive and installed the software. However, when I tried to open the software to do the evaluation I found that it would require me to buy the license and it asked me for a password. I googled commends about this software for comments and only found negative comments, although I cannot confirm or deny these comments since unfortunately, I could not open the application.
SRS Audio Essentials is an audio mixer software, which process different audio streams and come up with a clear sound and also deliver the sound in impressive ways. It is very simple to use. It is free for everyone. People can download it from free websites. It is tested and virus free software. It is compatible with OS. It offers six different preset modes to listen the audio.
SRS Audio Essentials grants users a new way to enjoy their music and videos on their computers by enhancing the audio and mixing it to provide a better sound. SRS Audio Essentials is for users who want to get the most out of their audio experience, and with six audio options for varying media means that anyone can easily click an option and get right to enjoying an enhanced audio experience.
This is an audio essential software which is very easy to use, it also has some presets which suits for our music or videos even for video games but there is a drawback it tends to crash and also have some cracking sounds in their presets but, we can customize it if we bought this product.
Overall, I've really enjoyed downloading this software. Not only does it make my audio sound much better, but I'm also able to control the volume of specific types of sound, but it just makes it sound so much better than what I was using before. Downloading this software has made my life as a whole much easier, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone needing help with their audio.
With SRS Audio Essentials for Windows, you are able to mix audio files from various places on the computer. These files no longer have to be in the same format and you can easily mix files with different formats simply by using this software. In addition, you have the ability to create custom audio streams based on your preferences since there is a lot of ability to customize this software. Not only can you mix audio files but you can also enhance sound quality and make adjustments using the features of this app.
SRS audio essential is audio mixer software. They are included with the windows media player. the greatly expands the size of the audio image.
Connor G.
SRS Audio Essentials is a powerful audio enhancement software that offers a variety of audio enhancement solutions for music, videos, and games. It is designed to give users a richer, fuller sound and a more immersive audio experience. It features a range of options that allow users to customize the audio settings to their own preferences, including equalizer, virtual surround sound, and bass boost. It also offers a variety of audio effects to enhance the audio such as reverb, echo, and noise reduction.
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