A music/video downloader, player, converter that can be used offline

Operating system: Windows

Release : KeepTube 6.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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One main benefit of KeepTube is it appears you can use it on a variety of sites. It seems you can download from many of these all at the same time. You can pick what you want to hear or see at any time and without a long wait like many others. So download from youtube and watch what was saved from yahoo at the same time. You can also use KeepTube to search for your favorite videos and music on YouTube and download so you can enjoy them when your on or when offline. 

It user-friendly, so add the music or video location(URL) and choose the option to keep your selection. You can search for and collect music and video instantly from so many different locations without needing to read along with the user guide because the tool is so easy to use it makes it faster than many of the other alternatives. You can find a download for KeepTube without a purchase because its download is free. Playing your videos and music won't cost you anything either, and your downloads are kept right in your music files.  

It works on most windows formats and can be downloaded on a mobile phone as well, giving the ability to create and send your chosen tracks across the web or directly to your friends and social media.

Save your audio and video by a selection option, with no lengthy instructions.

Move your tracks around and build song lists that can play over and over. You can change the order of your playlists, Put them on a repeat, or change the format by using KeepTube, which is an audio/video converter. You can convert an mp4 to mp3, and mp3 to an mp4, and so on. It's a music player, converter, playlist, and downloader. 

One thing I think might be a problem is nowhere can I see a download for windows 10. It says Windows 10, but when you look at system requirements, it does not list. I think it should be mentioned. 

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Rob Creutzburg

This is your standard "insert a sitename here" downloading program, for viewing stuff such as youtube or vimeo or dailymotion clips offline, but the main draw of the program is that it is universal and works for all these sites. Also included is the ability to convert formats, mp4 to mp3 or whatever you need, since these sort of sites use different formats and might not be convenient for your current needs. Thus, this is basically an all in one solution for downloading and converting for offline viewing of any "tube" type media!
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KeepTube enables you to download, play and convert videos. It can be used on a variety of different sites for your convenience. It is designed to be extremely user friendly, enabling you to search for and gather music and video immediately from various different locations.
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i always enjoy their games app its the best easy to use and download and play its that simple people should really start using start radar apps its always entertaining
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Guillaume Borde

Developed by RuntimeChecker Inc, Keeptube is the simplest video-related software you will find on the Internet. If you watch a lot of videos, you will have a ton of fun with Keeptube. Indeed, this software is made for video lovers who want to watch them offline. This software will able you to download videos on the web and save them on your hard drive. ** How to get Keeptube? It is free to download and you will find it very easily on the internet. Just follow the instructions and you will have it sooner than you think. The download does not ask for an account, so any need to register or create one. ** What can I do with Keeptube? Now that you downloaded it, you can start using his various functions. The software has three different parts. First, it has a browser. You can search for videos. Then, it has a video player, just like YouTube. That means that Keeptube can replace YouTube. Finally, you can download videos. Simply enter the URL of the video you want to get and press download. Once your videos are downloaded, you can find them in the built-in library of the software. The library is well designed and you can tidy your videos in different playlists. Keeptube ables several formats, FLV, MP3, MP4, WMA, WMV. This is not the case of every other software, which usually only ables MP3 and MP4. Of course, these two formats are the most basic ones, but if you work in the domain of videos, you may want to have other formats for your work. Even if you do not work in this area, you should give Keeptube a try. It is a very simple tool, quick to handle and master. You will enjoy its library system and how easy it is to download videos.
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KeepTube seems like an excellent way to download from many different sites at the same time. By allowing for easy access to many different pieces of music from a variety of different sites, one can enjoy everything that they are interested in from a central location and access them efficiently. This is definitely functional for many people and is even better knowing that it is free.
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Muhammad Ashton

keeptube has the end logo of youtube which makes me believe that theyre under the same company? I like how it shows customer reviews and comments on the software which is great for any new users.
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This free download for Windows helps me keep track of my youtube videos. I can download, manage and play videos from any music site really. This tool helps me create my playlists and it's so much fun to use. I can organize my music in one place whether it comes from youtube, myspace, or any other video site. I can't believe this is a free piece of software. It's super useful.
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KeepTube is a video and music player/downloader as well as a converter. KeepTube is designed to help those who need to download files or videos from their favorite media sites, as well as convert them into the filetype they desire. Supporting multiple sites, as well as it is extremely user-friendly, KeepTube keeps itself among the list of media downloaders as a viable option.
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Keeptube is an excellent software idea for anyone who wants to remember YouTube videos and keep them for later. It is hard enough to be able to watch YouTube on my phone, for example; I have to keep YouTube open, but with this software, I can watch it anytime. Being able to watch my favorite YouTube videos offline is extremely valuable to me. I highly recommend it.
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Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is also the largest video sharing platform on the internet and sadly, you can only view those videos but cannot download but with this tool; you can download the video directly from Youtube. It has features the same as Youtube which makes it great to use. Get it and start downloading your favorite videos.
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KeepTube is a software I've used a decent amount of times, but I wouldn't say it's the best way to convert video/audio files. If you want a free and easy way to download video or audio files you'll likely achieve that. It however has issues on sites occasionally, it might take a few tries to not get an error when downloading a YouTube video in particular, but when testing it with other sites, it typically runs without issues. As far as I can tell, there isn't malware or any viruses I've run in to.
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Keep tube is similar to software to YouTube downloader. We can download, manage, play a video or audio from The websites like YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, AOL etc. This is not a much commonly used software. The current version of the software is 6.5 which supports RTMP/RTMPT formats. This is free software. Currently, this software can be installed only on windows. This is very old software and it was last updated on 18th April 2009.
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Download playlists to listen to offline. Also, download videos to watch offline. This app allows you to keep Youtube videos whenever and wherever you feel. This allows you to download multiple videos and is free of charge. It is simple to use and only requires a few buttons to use. It is a clean software and is free from any viruses.
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It is a Video download tool which helps to download videos from various Sites including Youtube,Facebook,Twitter. This software supports All Media formats like Mp4,ACC,AVI etc.The important feature in this Software is We can download and keep files ofline and can use when needed. I recommend this app for Downloading Videos and My Rating is 4.5/5.
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This sounds extremely useful to someone like me. I personally do not have any subscriptions to music services. This program can help me develop a music catalog from Youtube, considering that's where I already listen to music. It does look like the software is a bit older though. I like the concept, It's simple yet effective. The conversion section would be cool if it recognized the item downloaded and renamed it what it should be.
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There comes a time in all of our “watching careers” when we want to save a video on our phone or hard drive. Well, look no further than KeepTube. This video grabbing web based application downloads videos and stores them on your hard drive. It’s as simple as grabbing the url and then hitting “Download” on KeepTube. The huge benefit of this is that you don’t have to stream videos and waste data. It’s free to use and adware free.
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Jayden Donohoe

KeepTube is a free, open source video downloader that lets users easily download videos from YouTube and other popular video sites. It supports multiple video formats and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is fast, secure, and easy to use, making it a great choice for downloading videos for offline viewing.
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Andrew M.

I recently tried KeepTube software and it was a pleasant experience. It was easy to use and the interface was intuitive. The download speed was fast and the download quality was good. I had no issues with the software and it worked perfectly. I liked the fact that it had a wide range of supported websites and I could download videos from almost any website. The features were quite impressive too. I especially liked the batch download and the support for multiple formats. The conversion speeds were quite good as well. All in all, it was a good experience.
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