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Release : StreamTransport

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StreamTransport (for Windows) allows you to save videos from links on the internet onto your laptop/computer. This allows you to watch videos, offline, of exceptional quality. 


  • Up to five downloads at a time.
  • Save in multiple formats.
  • Auto-Grabs URLs, or allows the user to copy & paste.
  • The software is at no cost to the user.

StreamTransport allows users to save video content from the internet onto the hard drives of their devices (laptop, computer, etc.) The software is easy to use, allowing users to either copy and paste URL's or approve the software to auto grab links of video content they are viewing. StreamTransport saves your video content in high quality, allowing you to view it at any time offline. You can choose to save your video content in a variety of formats, such as FLV which will save your video in the highest of quality. You also have the option of saving your video content in formats such as HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE, Formatos, and MP4. The vast majority of video host websites use these formats, which gives you a wide variety of options to download from. You can even custom create download tasks, allowing you even more freedom.

This software is free to use, as well as being user-friendly

This software is free to use, as well as being user-friendly! The video content you save is easy to watch, and if you find the video viewing software on your device is not compatible, you can easily download the player, also for free!

You can save multiple videos at one time, up to five. This software gives you a variety of options while downloading content, such as pausing, stopping, and restarting a download. This gives you complete control! 

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Ben Bassini

Wow, what a fantastic piece of software. Sometimes I just want to watch a video at a later date but may not have access to a reliable internet connection. Being able to download videos and save them on my computer has been a lifesaver. Cannot recommend this product highly enough! Did I mention how intuitive it is to use and it's free?! Yes you read that right it is free so might as well give it a shot and see if it works for you. Nothing to lose everything to gain.
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Freddie Sweat

This product will take videos using url's and downloading them into a file for you to save. It is able to download from many forms, this allows you to have access to many different websites including some of the largest video websites. Everyone has videos they love, including viral videos, now you can have them saved and ready for use for all your needs and wants.
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SteamTransport for Windows will let you download any video file from the Internet to store on your computer's hard drive. It will automatically convert the downloaded file into the FLV format so that the file retains its quality. If you ever want to save a video that you're watching on the web to watch at a later time, this program will let you do that quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is enter the video's URL into the program to download it.
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I can stream video all day and night. I love streaming video and watching it by myself on Hulu and youtube. I've been searching for a software that I can use to download videos from Vimeo, facebook or whatever and watch them off line on my phone. I can watch videos wherever I go, even on my camping trips. It's the best solution for what I've been looking for. Good thing I have the storage on my phone to store all my favorite videos.
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Stream Transport for Windows is a great video downloader app and should be on everyone's computer who likes to save videos. It's able to cover a wide range of different sites and protocols making it virtually able to download videos from anywhere. The setup was easy and it even auto-captures the URL of the video's website so you can download it on the fly.
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Do you want to watch videos, but know you will be offline? If you find yourself in this situation (like I did before camping in a remote area), download StreamTransport for Windows! It allows you to download videos from the Internet onto your desktop or laptop to watch at any time! StreamTransport for Windows is freeware that allows you to download up to 5 high-quality videos at a time in multiple formats. It "AutoGrabs" URLs for easy download, but you can copy and paste them instead if you wish.
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Stream passport for windows is one of the most useful websites ever! It allows me to transport different things i am streaming. It also allows multiple people to use it at once, It also allows you to save videos to your computer's hard drive. It is one of those websites that make day to day life much easier! The Stream passport for windows website also is designed very well it very well thought out and made with simplicity in mind, Personally computers and different tasks are so daunting but websites like this make life so much simpler. It allows you to watch your favorite videos on the go or when you want to watch a video at a later date, It also has no restrictions on the video it is you download so you can use it for a multitude of sights such as Facebook, Vimeo, and youtube. It truly is a hassle free website. The setup is easy and it automatically captures the Url of the videos website so you can download it quickly.
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StreamTransport is software that makes it possible for one to download and browse video clips from hosting websites. This software simplifies the way in which users add URLs. Instead of manually doing so, the videos are automatically saved and one can play them back freely at their convenience. StreamTransport covers video-streaming websites like Youtube, Hulu, Yahoo Video and many other commonly known websites. This makes it easy for different types of users to utilize the software.
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I love using StreamTransport for Windows because it allows me to save any type of video format that I find from the web and download it to my computer. This means that I can watch those video files whenever I want, even when I'm not connected to the Internet. I appreciate that it can support up to five downloads simultaneously for added efficiency.
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streamtransport for windows is helpful in search and download videos hosting websites from HTTP,RTMP,RTMPE some more. and this also covers youtube, CBS and yahoo videos etc. the url of the playing video will be automatically captured and listed out for user convenience and the user can download the video with just one click. there will be no bother to save URL manually it will be save in MP4 automatically.
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Stream Transport for windows is a window used in both x64 and x32 bit. This software is used to download video clips from hosting websites HTTP, RTMP Protocols. It will download from Hulu, youtube, yahoo,Tv4 play videos. It will download, 5 download at a time. It saves in multiple formats. It will auto crab URLs and allow the user to copy and paste. Its free software for windows user.
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Ryan Dannenbring

StreamTransport is a free software that enables users to download streaming video or audio from video sharing websites, allowing them to view the media offline. It supports video websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, MySpace, and more than 200 other sites. StreamTransport also provides an easy-to-use interface for downloading and playing media.
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Brodie N.

StreamTransport is a great software for downloading streaming video and audio. It's easy to use and downloads quickly. I found it very useful when I needed to download something from a streaming website. It is also very reliable and I had no issues with errors or bugs while using it. The interface is straightforward, so you don't need any special knowledge to operate the program. I also like the fact that it can download from multiple sites at once. It's a great way to quickly get the files you need. Overall, I'm very satisfied with StreamTransport.
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Benjamin G.

I recently started using StreamTransport software for downloading videos from online streaming sites. I found it to be quite intuitive and the setup process was very simple. I like that I can download multiple videos at once and the software has good quality preview capabilities. The downloads are relatively fast compared to other programs I have used. The only issue I have had is that the software does not always recognize the videos I am trying to download.
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