by Troy Shu

The highest-rated speed reading software to absorb more knowledge in less time

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Troy Shu

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Do you want to comprehend large blocks of information in a much shorter time? SwiftRead provides you with the perfect toolkit to read faster while browsing the web. It is a speed reading software that breezes through every text in a fraction of a second and boosts your productivity. It works on all kinds of texts, including articles, blog posts, emails, and even Kindle or ePUB book pages. It displays words in quick succession so you can read more text in less time.

The Rapid Serial Visual Presentation or advanced visual technology used in this software allows you to read 3X faster than normal reading speed. All you have to do is paste the text in SwiftRead, select your desired reading speed in words per minute, and you’re all set to absorb plenty of information in a much shorter duration. It reduces inefficient reading habits and does not compromise comprehension.


  • A super powerful speed reading tool to accelerate your reading experience while browsing on the web.
  • It reduces sub-vocalization by using a visual technology called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation or RSVP.
  • You can read at a speed of 400 words per minute or more and absorb more information in a shorter time.
  • Faster word recognition helps maintain eye focus and optimizes your brain to scan through the selected text within seconds.
  • You can speed read any text, including articles, emails, eBooks, documents, or any other type of reading. Just copy the desired text and paste it to SwiftRead.
  • It is a highly compatible software that works with all devices, so anyone with a computer can access this game changer and read at a faster pace.

Apart from speed reading, SwiftRead is a fully customizable tool that lets you easily personalize your reading space. You can modify fonts, text color, hotkeys, or reading speed. This way, you can create a distraction-free environment and understand faster by staying focused on the text. Install this magical tool now to unlock your reading capabilities.

SwiftRead accelerates your reading experience by 3x, allowing you to read more text without compromising comprehension.
Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
Minimum 2GB of RAM
100MB free disk space
Internet connection for updates and online content

Adjusts to individual's reading pace for personalized experience.
Supports various text formats: Word, PDF, web pages, ebooks.
Enhances reading speed and information comprehension.

Limited support for some non-English languages.
Not suitable for visually impaired users.
Lack of offline functionality.