SessionBox logo
utilizing sites with numerous records simultaneously is made simple .make a free tab with a tick of a button.
Naruto Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab logo
A large variety of high definition wallpapers of Naruto. You can shuffle all wallpapers or only your favorites.
Old Reddit Redirect logo
In reality, you have the option to reject the redesign in your Reddit account settings. Uncheck the box next to
YouTube Redux logo
Recreate the old youtube interface and features
Auto Quality for YouTube logo
With this straightforward Chrome extension, you can automatically change the quality of YouTube videos to whatever you choose, so you don't have to do it every time a new clip loads.
Just Delete Me logo
A directory of links that show you how to delete your accounts
Keyword Surfer logo
A free extension which uses metrics right and it displays keyword volume with the help of google search
HubSpot Sales logo
Good way to fully organize your business and its leads in one place
Simple Tab Groups logo
Simple tab group are used to maintain a multiple windows in a same time and access a page with reliability.
Tridactyl logo
A mozila firefox plugin to reduce or promote mouseless activity
HTTPS Everywhere logo
A multi-browser extension that encrypts your communication with websites
OneNote Web Clipper logo
A clipping program for users to clip any content of webpages
Save to Pocket logo
Save any pages on the web
SaferPass logo
A password manager program which safely and securely stores all passwords in a single base
ChillGlobal for Chrome logo
VPN extension that works on most browsers
Disconnect logo
Allows you to see and then block the websites that are tracking you and your data
Zenmate Web Firewall logo
A firewall to protection against things like malware and phishing.
Grammarly for Chrome logo
Proofreading and document editing software
uBlock logo
A free tool that provides users the ability to block Ads and Ad-ware
WOT logo
A online massive multiplayer online game involving tanks that is free to play
FoxyProxy logo
Allows for configuring browsers to proxy severs
Session Manager logo
This component of the Microsoft Windows NT family of operating systems, starting in Windows NT 3.1
Ghostery logo
A privacy extension that blocks website advertising and trackers
ScrapBook logo
Visual scrapbook provided for windows.q
VK music downloader logo
An extension for Microsoft Edge to download music from VKontakte
IE Tab logo
Emulates IE tab for windows processor
TS Magic Player logo
A browser extension that provides playback of audio and video on most websites
Unity Web Player logo
A free browser plugin that allows you to play and watch united-games,incredible 3D games, etc
Opera AdBlock logo
Open-source adblocker to protect user data and prevent ads/online threats
Tampermonkey logo
Popular userscript manager for Windows
iMacros logo
Automation software for windows there
RDS Bar logo
Handy tool for quick analysis of webpage
FireShot logo
Software to capture screen shots and share, send and/or store them
ZenMate VPN logo
Allows internet traffic to be blocked if your VPN connection drops
Adobe Flash Player logo
Allows for the use of different games and programs on windows
Fast Dial logo
Some phones have a feature where one can assign phone numbers to the keypad as shortcut
Xmarks logo
A web browsing tool designed to help make bookmarks synchronize and become more accessible
DjVu Browser Plug-in logo
A plug-in specifically designed to view DjVu images
DownThemAll! logo
DownThemAll is a powerful yet easy-to-use extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser
Vidalia Bundle logo
Free controller software app for windows
RDF Viewer logo
Allow for RDF files to be viewed on window
Feedly logo
Keep workflow going and prevent information overload with this unique platform filter
Bing Bar logo
A browsing extension created by Microsoft
LastPass logo
Auto-pilot for all your passwords.LastPass removes obstacles, letting you get back to the things you love most
ChromeCacheView logo
Free utility for windows providers
Zotero logo
Free, easy to use software for collecting and storing information
Tab Mix Plus logo
Enables users to undo closed windows and tabs and many more
NoScript logo
NoScript allows active content only for trusted domains of your choice to prevent exploitation
FVD Speed Dial logo
The best tool for saving and organizing links to your favorite sites
MPC AdCleaner logo
Cleans ads on browsers for Windows
FireFTP logo
Free platform for mozzila firefox software
Allavsoft logo
Download Youtube videos directly to your computer
Twitch Leecher logo
Download videos from your favorite twitch streams with ease
Standalone Flash Player logo
Watch embedded video and audio through a simple browser plug-in.
NetVideoHunter logo
Download video clips found on video sharing websites
pdfit for Firefox logo
PDFIT makes it easy to convert any website into PDF and image files.
BetterPrivacy for Firefox logo
Delete all hidden super cookies that are serious risks to your data
iTube Downloader logo
Ð’ownload things called torrents to any of your devices to enjoy tv, movies, and music.
StreamTransport logo
Save videos from the internet to your laptop or PC
xVideoServiceThief logo
A plugin for your browser that allows you to download videos from your favorite websites
Incognito Gone logo
Removes the incognito function from your browser
WinHTTrack logo
A user-friendly offline browser utility
CometBird logo
A browser that encompasses everything you would want all together in one
Freecorder logo
Record and save audio and video that is streaming in your browser
Octoparse logo
Extract data from any resource or website
Chrome Cleanup Tool logo
Removes any malware or harmful programs from Google Chrome