An ultimate downloading app to save videos and audios directly from search engines
The highest-rated speed reading software to absorb more knowledge in less time
Video Speed Controller
Speed Controller is a browser extension that allows users to control the playback speed of HTML5 videos.
LockSearchLock is a software application designed to help users easily search and lock confidential files on their computers.
Hover Zoom+
Hover Zoom+ is a Chrome extension that allows users to view images and videos in full-size by hovering their mouse over them.
Coffeelings is an AI-powered platform that enables businesses to analyze customer sentiment and build customer relationships.
Kami is an online PDF editor and annotation tool that makes it easy to collaborate and highlight important information.
Jiffy Reader
Jiffy Reader is an efficient PDF reader and annotation tool that enables users to quickly and easily read, annotate, and share documents.
Snap Links Plus
LinkSnappy is a browser extension that allows users to quickly and easily open multiple links at once.
SwagButton is a browser extension that helps you earn rewards and cashback on online purchases.
Ears Audio Toolkit
The CIPIC HRTF Database and Ears Audio Toolkit are a suite of open-source tools for creating, manipulating, and analyzing 3D audio and binaural sound.
BlazeMeter is a cloud-based performance testing platform which enables users to quickly and easily run and analyze load tests on their websites and applications.
Twitch Fullscreen Plus
Twitch Fullscreen Plus is a free Google Chrome extension that allows users to watch Twitch streams in fullscreen mode and auto-hide chat.
Logophile is a software platform that helps users learn and practice words to improve vocabulary and language proficiency.
Tree Style Tab
Tree Style Tab is a Firefox add-on that allows for the creation of a hierarchical tree structure for tab organization.
Easy Twitch Vods
Easy Twitch Vods is a software tool designed to help streamers easily download, store, and manage their Twitch VODs (Video On Demand).
Session Buddy
Session Buddy is a browser extension that helps you manage tabs, access bookmarks, and save session data for future use.
Popper Stopper Pro
The Popper Stopper Pro software is a powerful and efficient pop-up blocker that helps protect your computer from annoying and potentially malicious pop-ups.
Cursor Cat
Cursor Cat is an educational game designed to help children learn and improve their mousing skills.
High Contrast
High Contrast is a program that allows users to adjust the contrast and brightness of their display to improve visibility.
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