Text SMS Software (Multi USB Modem)

by MobileTextSMS.com

A Windows program to send bulk messages from computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MobileTextSMS.com

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Message sending via mobile phones is time-consuming, each and every message has to type on the mobile keyboard. To avoid this process Text SMS Software is used to send messages from PC with various language options. A mobile phone that can be connected to the computer through a USB cable, Bluetooth, etc. A major limitation of this window is it does not support messages which are concatenated like flash SMS, and MMS, also this windows program cannot read messages from a mobile phone. Bulk messaging processes are done with this program very quickly.

The Autodetect option helps to find what words were typed and gives various options for language to send Unicode messages.

Text SMS Software has an encoding called UCS 2 which reduces the maximum number of characters and sends a message as simple and short. Installation of modem driver of desired mobile phone in computer, Device availability is shown in the software. Therefore messaging work makes time save. Though the interface is simple and easy to understand for beginners, advanced-level work is possible. Windows delivers a trial software to experience the Interface and speed of the software. Next that this software has Gmail and GPRS network to make work simple and advanced.

local version of software has 20 softwares programmed in it.

  • SMS logger helps to read messages that had been sent earlier, desired mobile number, date, and time are shown.
  • Importing of mobile book entries is possible in Text SMS sender.
  • Autodetect reads the message encoded in what language and helps to send messages in more languages.
  • Messages can be sent worldwide to countries with a country code along with a mobile number.

Broadcasting program that composes and sends bulk messages worldwide does not need technical knowledge.

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In this day and age of online marketing reaching out to hundreds of potential customers easily and quickly is paramount. Text SMS Software works with a multi USB Modem that can connect to any computer from where it can be launched to send hundreds of text messages at once. The details of the sent messages are saved automatically in the device so that they can be used later. As long as there is a USB port enabled on a Windows PC then this device will do its job without any problems. It also has the ability to configure and personalize the messages using an excel file. Its a must have utility.
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Jaxon Diraimo

SMS Software (Multi USB Modem) is a powerful, easy-to-use software program designed to send and receive bulk text messages from multiple USB modems simultaneously. It supports various modems, including GSM, CDMA, and 3G, and allows users to send both text and multimedia messages to a large number of recipients. The software also includes advanced features such as automated scheduling, customizable message templates, and powerful analytics tools to help users monitor and manage their campaigns.
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Josh B.

Text SMS Software (Multi USB Modem) is an easy to use software. It is fast and reliable. I found that it is very easy to set up and configure. The interface is simple and straightforward. The features are comprehensive and useful. The cost is reasonable and the customer service is responsive. I have been using this software for a while and have found it to be a great solution for sending bulk messages. The delivery rate is quite high and the reports are detailed. I have had no problems so far.
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Oliver G********d

1. The Text SMS Software (Multi USB Modem) software was easy to install and use. 2. It provided a great way to send bulk SMS messages quickly and efficiently. 3. The software interface was well organized and intuitive. 4. The customer service team was helpful and responded quickly to my inquiries. 5. The messages were sent and received reliably.
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This software allows users to send and receive text messages through multiple USB modems simultaneously. It supports various GSM and CDMA modems and enables scheduling and personalization of SMS messages. The software also provides delivery reports, message templates, and contact management features. It is designed for businesses and individuals who need to send bulk SMS messages efficiently.
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Harry T.

The software allows users to send text messages using multiple USB modems.
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