by Openbravo SL

A cloud-based SaaS platform that specializes in retail-based services

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Openbravo SL

Release : Openbravo 3

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Retail means selling products to customers/consumers. This can happen in physical stores, online stores, or both. From the consumer's point of view, everything seems easy to manage. However, retailers need to work a lot of moving parts, such as keeping inventory track to ensure a smooth customer checkout process.


To minimize the hassle, Openbravo offers several SaaS-based services. They provide a POS (Point of Sale) to manage in-store or online transactions. This system supports kiosks, self-checkouts, and mobile terminals.

Openbravo enhances customer experience and is used by various mid-sized to large retail businesses.


Openbravo also offers OMS (Order Management System) for connecting physical and online stores, WMS (Warehouse Management System) for efficiently managing inventory, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to enhance customer services, and other services to improve the retail experience. These solutions make customers feel relaxed and help them have a seamless experience.



  • Openbravo provides real-time and centralized management of almost all retail options.
  • They offer a unified commerce POS solution for various sales and return scenarios. It supports self-checkouts as well.
  • There’s a mobile POS that’s responsive and supports offline views.
  • Like other management information systems, it has a single customer view, a flexible discounts engine, and other viewing areas.
  • Openbravo has an Order Management System (OMS) that connects physical and online stores. It supports different shopping situations and also controls the pick-to-delivery process.
  • WMS, or Warehouse Management System of Openbravo, does precisely what the name suggests. It increases the efficiency of warehouses and provides one/a real-time view of stock in all warehouses.
  • Reporting is a retail analytics feature that provides reports and dashboards.

This software is mostly used by retail businesses with hundreds (or even thousands) of employees. Companies like Tata Consulting Services Ltd, Walt Disney Company, Ernst & Young, and many others are using Openbravo.


This suite of features makes Openbravo the ultimate software solution for many retail-based problems. It is beneficial for both consumers and retail companies.


Web-based Operating System
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8
Modern browser for access (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
Internet Connection

Highly flexible and adaptable for diverse business environments.
Offers comprehensive management of various business operations.
Web-based for accessibility from anywhere, anytime.

Can be complex and overwhelming for novice users.
Technical support might not always be timely.
Requires regular updates for optimal functionality.
The best management solution for all your financial problems.
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