by Acute Systems

TransMac software opens Mac APFS and HFS+ format disks and dmg files from Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Acute Systems

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TransMac is a utility for accessing data recorded in Apple Macintosh format. Moreover, the program allows you not only to read and copy these data to a regular PC, but also to write them, as well as format the drives in Macintosh HFS format.

TransMac works with virtually any media - not only hard drives, but also floppy disks, CD/DVD-ROM and others.

Note for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10:In these operating systems, the program requires a higher level of privileges to work. TransMac must be run with elevated rights (permanently or temporarily). To do this, right-click on the program icon and select "Run as administrator". Or select the "Properties" item and check the "Run this program as administrator" option on the "Compatibility" tab.

- reads and writes in Mac format on virtually any media;

- supports most types of drives, including USB, IDE, ATAPI, FireWire (IEEE1394), SCSI, etc;

- supports both HFS and HFS + / HFSX formats;

- Copy, rename, and delete files and folders

- creates CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD + R/RW, etc. in Mac format;

- to record the disc images;

- reads multi-session and hybrid discs;

- Open and view Mac and PC files directly from TransMac

- Save and restore entire disk images and other features.

TransMac allows you to access data recorded in Apple Macintosh and use it on a normal PC. It's great for hard drives and floppies and also CD, DVD-ROM, and more. It's great that it supports most drives and formats and allows you to duplicate, re-title, and get rid of files and folders, too.
Very useful utility that helps you work between Windows and Mac. I'm a PC user who regularly needs to access and write data from a Mac, and TransMac makes it easy. You can also use it for CD/DVD-ROM format. I like that I can rename the files as well. Highly recommended.
This application to open hard drives, flash drives, CD/DVD/Bluray, high density floppy disks and DMG files on Windows
TransMac is a simple windows application used to access Mac files on a Windows operating systems. The software proves very useful and quite easy to operate as it automatically recognizes Mac files and opens them without much fuss. It's useful in accessing external drives such as flash and hard drives, its also used to open high density CDMG files on windows. Although it can't install Mac only applications on Windows, yet it is a very efficient and handy tool whenever you need to access Mac files on a windows OS.
Using this since i bought my iphone 10. after i bought this software it ease my job to do with the backup of my photos and others from my iphone to my laptop. the best of it is the ISO burner which makes me crazy during the use.
this product is a great software and application you can download on your Windows laptop it' can open up Mac and other format disk that you can't open on Windows simple install and converts disk drives so your Windows computer can open other format disk for other computer software and system it's a great for you converting and editing other disk formats
TransMac is a very easy downloadable. With TranMac it is easy to open CD/DVD/Bluray discs on Windows. I have downloaded the version and checked with all CD/DVD/Bluray on my personal laptop. The main thing is to insert the drive into the laptop to read and the program recognize it. If the step is not executed and it is hard to read and do not forget the step. Thank you helped me to watch my older CDs with this software.
TransMac is software developed for the Windows operating system that is intended to provide users the opportunity to read and manipulate files stored on a Mac hard drive or thumb drive. This is a great stride for Windows users, never before have they been able to attain an avenue to connect to the Mac file system. With this software there is not only access but the ability to duplicate, move, rename, delete and even make and burn CD's and DVD's. This is an intregal application that allows Windows users never before access to storage management with Mac files.
It is one of the simple application to open the hard dive, cd drive, high density floppy disk. If you are inserting the drive you ant, it will automatically read by the application. In the DMG files you can easily right click on the file and open it for the purpose. Along with the basic option of it , it will record the content of the open file. The TRansMac is a really interesting tool get you out of the hole that you ever accessed the Mac file.
The software was essentially created to work as a storage manager. It allows users who use Windows software to access files on Apple devices. TransMac software allows also users to mount, create, and burn disc images in various formats. It saves a lot on the time, resources and energy of having to switch from one operating system to the other without using other alternatives of transferring data.
Alfie Simard
TransMac is a Windows utility for reading, writing, and formatting Apple Macintosh HFS/HFS+/HFSX and APFS formatted disks and drives, including most USB and FireWire drives, flash drives, floppy drives, CD/DVD/BR drives, and disk image files.
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