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HDAT2 is a diagnostic and recovery tool for hard drives

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HDAT2

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HDAT2 is a diagnostic and recovery tool for hard drives. The program is distributed in the form of an image to be burned to a CD/DVD or "flash drive". To start it, you need to reboot your PC and select the media with the program as the bootable media. There is no graphical shell in the program, as it is a DOS-application.

HDAT2 works with drives connected via SATA, ATA, ATAPI interfaces and supports any file system. The main function of the program is to search for and recover BAD sectors on the disk. It can also be used to check the MBR boot area for FAT12, 16 and 32 file systems. Testing large-volume disks can take quite a while. Based on the observations of 500 GB HDD users, the program checks approximately forty minutes. It will take even more to restore the BAD sectors.

In addition to diagnostics and recovery of the drive, the program can also display detailed technical information collected at both file and disk levels. The closest "competitor" to the HDAT2 is the Victoria solution. Unlike this program, it is quite capable of working under Windows, but it has not been updated for a long time and may experience problems when working with modern media.

Download and use HDAT2 for free. You can use the programs in this list to write a program to a USB memory device.

- is used to diagnose drives connected via SATA, ATA and ATAPI interfaces;

- is able to detect and repair broken sectors;

- is distributed as an image to be written to a USB flash drive or optical disk;

- collects detailed technical information about the drives;

- can restore the MBR boot area.

Is your computer running slow, but you can't figure out why? Download HDAT2 for windows ands run a diagnostic on your machine! Surely you will find what is gumming up the works and speed up that memory a bit. HDAT2 Also functions as a recovery tool, for worst case scenario situations and you lose data or worse a whole drive, Run the recovery tool and increase your chances of getting back that precious information that you would have never gotten back!.
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