Travel Agent

by Binary House Software

A comprehensive scheduling and database tool for streamlining travel business operations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Binary House Software

Release : Travel Agent 2.8

Antivirus check: passed

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'Travel Agent' software is a critical tool for travel agencies and tour operators. It provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing your travel business operations effectively. It comes with a robust database and an integrated scheduler, making the management of touristic information and organization of bookings effortless and hassle-free.

This travel management software simplifies the process of gathering and storing tourist information. It does away with complicated forms and allows unrestricted data entry. Additionally, the software provides the ability to add remarks, including images, for every client, offering a professional and customized approach.

  • Creation and management of a tourist database: Stores critical information such as bookings, transfer details, addresses, medical data, personal notes, and comments.
  • Integrated calendar: Efficiently manage your work hours with scheduling appointments. Items can be drag-and-dropped to suitable time slots, making appointment setting incredibly easy and convenient.
  • Information Import: Accommodates most formats, including DOC, HTML, and iCalendar, for easy information import from websites, forums, and conferences.
  • Data Export: Export data to multiple formats such as iCal, XLS, TXT, HTML, XML, PDF for compatibility with other programs. Data export to Microsoft Outlook is also possible.
  • Automatic search and auto-fill fields: For customers already in the database, the tool offers a feature of automatic search and field auto-fill.

With 'Travel Agent', you can quickly print whatever you need, however you want. This tool is an essential companion for travel professionals aiming to optimize their management processes. The creators of the program have made every effort to create conducive working conditions, making this software a must-have for any travel agency or tour operator.

'Travel Agent' software streamlines travel business operations, enhancing efficiency in managing bookings and customer information.
1. Must support a robust tourist database management system.
2. Requires an integrated calendar for efficient scheduling.
3. Should accommodate various data import and export formats.
4. Must include an automatic search and field auto-fill feature.

Simplifies gathering and storing tourist information efficiently.
Offers customized approach through client-specific remarks and images.
Facilitates easy appointment scheduling with integrated calendar.

Interface can be slow, affecting efficiency during peak times.
Limited customization options prevent personalized user experience.
No multi-language support restricts international usability.
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