Vegasaur is an advanced scripting extension that enhances the functionality of Vegas™ Pro

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Vegasaur is an extension for the popular SONY Vegas Pro video editor that helps to automate a number of tasks, as well as automate backups while working on a project. After the extension is installed, an additional drop-down menu with a list of available operations is added to the editor. Among them: automatic rotation of images, deletion of all added sound effects, deletion of the interval between selected events, creation of a new project from selected events, fast numbering, etc. For convenience, all available operations are divided into groups: editing, audio, effects, rendering, project, temporary tape, etc.

Vegasaur even has its own settings window from which you can assign hotkeys to individual operations and tools. This eliminates the need to search for the desired item in the drop-down menu. The extension can work with several files added to the project simultaneously, as well as perform batch operations with effects, transitions and other design.

The process of integration into SONY Vegas Pro is automatic. Simply close the editor and run the extension installer. When it is finished, restart SONY Vegas Pro and check if Vegasaur is available in the View - Extensions menu. The extension works with almost all more or less "fresh" versions of the editor and is updated almost synchronously with Vegas itself.

- is an extension to the popular SONY Vegas Pro video editor;

- helps to automate various operations with video, audio and effects;

- allows you to assign hotkeys to individual functions and tools;

- can automatically back up a project;

- operations with files and design can be performed in the "batch" mode.

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Vegasaur offers automation tools and advanced scripts that enhance the functionality of Vegas Pro, it speeds up workflow and makes work more productive
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Connor Hijazi

Vegasaur is a comprehensive and powerful tool for post-production video editing. It is designed to make the editing process faster and more efficient, enabling users to quickly make creative decisions and deliver professional results. Vegasaur offers a wide range of features, including support for 4K video, advanced color grading, video stabilization, audio editing, and other features to help make video editing easier and more efficient.
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Kian Cerdan

I have been using Vegasaur software for a while now and I must say that it is a great tool for video and audio editing. I find it particularly useful because of its intuitive timeline and drag-and-drop feature. It also offers a wide range of effects and customization options. The preset options have also proven to be quite useful. The software is stable and runs smoothly even when multitasking. Finally, I find the customer service to be fast and helpful.
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Finn Pasman

Vegasaur is a powerfull and inuitive software that helps you easily manage you video editing projects, however sometimes it can be a bit buggy and crash unexpectedly.
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Jackson V.

Vegasaur is a great software for editing videos, but it can be a bit buggy sometimes, so be prepared for some suprises!
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Rory Marr

This software is a plugin for video editing software that provides a variety of tools to enhance video editing workflows. It includes features such as automatic video effects, batch processing, and advanced editing options like keyframe control and audio normalization. Additionally, it allows for easy customization of transitions and titles, and includes tools for managing and organizing project files.
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Luca Z.

Vegasaur is a comprehensive and feature-rich plugin for Sony Vegas Pro that enhances the video editing experience.
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