by SPAMfighter

Antivirus software for Windows computers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SPAMfighter

Release: VIRUSfighter 7.5.165

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VIRUSfighter is an antivirus and antimalware software that protects your computer from being compromised by viruses and other malicious software.  This software is easy to install and user-friendly.  The user-friendly interface shows information about previous scans and updates, including the number of scans performed, the number of malicious files found, and when the last update occurred.  The program allows you to either keep malicious files in quarantine or delete them from your computer entirely.  Virus scans can be performed on a regular schedule or on-demand if a breach is suspected.

VIRUS fighter will protect your Windows computer from both new viruses and legacy viruses.  VIRUSfighter frequently updates, sometimes even several times a day, to ensure that your computer is safe from all of the latest threats.

VIRUSfighter is easy to install and runs discreetly in the background so that it protects your system while you work without being bothersome.

VIRUSfighter is certified to be compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

The newest version of VIRUSfighter features an optimized scanning engine, which allows for better system performance while utilizing fewer system resources, as well as free phone and email support to assist you with any further questions or issues you may encounter.  A majority of other antivirus programs are extremely taxing on system resources and slow down your computer to the point that it is unusable while the program is running.

VIRUSfighter also offers extended language support in six new languages.  

Overall, VIRUSfighter is an extremely efficient antivirus and antimalware program that gives quick and reliable results.  The frequent updates guarantee that your computer will be protected against all of the latest threats.  VIRUSfighter is also very compact compared to other antivirus software, as it requires only 15 MB of disk space and 128 MB of memory.  Its user-friendly interface allows for even the novice user to easily perform virus scans on-demand or at scheduled times.

Protects against viruses and malware

  • Protects against viruses and malware
  • Updates several times daily
  • Free phone and email support
  • Extended language support
  • Compatible with Windows XP SP2 +
IT is such a great VIRUS fighting software, its importance is huge for the safety purpose of the system. Many antivirus software is payable, some of them are not reliable, so it is important to choose the software wisely.
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