vtiger CRM

by vtiger

An all-in-one CRM platform for empowering marketing, support, and sales teams

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: vtiger

Release : vtiger CRM 8.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Customers are important stakeholders of any business. During brick-and-mortar times, they were limited to in-store experience with limited information about the products. Today, brands have dozens (if not hundreds) of ways to engage with customers. These customers have many questions and requirements. Therefore, managing relations with them has become more difficult. This is where Vtiger CRM software comes in.

Like many other customer relationship management softwares, Vtiger also helps businesses in managing relationships with existing and potential customers. But unlike those CRM tools, Vtiger is open source. This allows businesses to update or modify CRM according to their specific needs.


Because of its features. Vtiger CRM is used by 300,000+ businesses from around the world. Let’s take a look at what makes Vtiger stand out from the crowd:

Vtiger is an open-source CRM for businesses to strengthen their relationships with customers.
  • Details of all customers can be viewed which include name, communication history, account history, ID, and other details.
  • Preloaded email templates are available to save time.
  • Sales cycles can be planned, and targets can be managed.
  • Appointments can be scheduled.
  • Monitor sales, support, or marketing team performance.
  • Scan business cards to quickly capture information.
  • Vtiger acquires leads and builds sales funnels for lasting relationships.
  • Meetings can be scheduled with just a couple of clicks.
  • Since the code is transparent, unwanted features or security vulnerabilities can be removed.
  • Different pricing plans are available for professionals and enterprises.

The integration of artificial intelligence also sets Vtiger CRM apart from the crowd. Their calculus AI predicts the actions based on conversation analysis. It can also detect the sentiment of customers to understand whether the customer was satisfied with the conversation or not. Vtiger also uses this technology in recommending content for emails, meetings, or calls.

Vtiger CRM does not only allow interaction with customers but also carries the pipeline management of sales. Businesses can customize it according to their customer type or product lines. If a corporation is B2B, it can keep track of tenders or deals. If you own or manage a business that needs to improve interaction with customers, then Vtiger CRM might be the right tool for you.

PHP 7.1 or above
MySQL 5.7 or higher
At least 4GB RAM
Requires Apache 2.2 or above

Allows complete customer relationship management including sales and service.
Highly customizable to fit various business needs.
Includes advanced analytics tools for insightful decision-making.

Can be overwhelming for non-technical users.
Customization options may require technical knowledge.
Doesn't integrate well with some third-party applications.
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