by Douglas Millar

A suite of utilities for audio signal processing and studio post-production work.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Douglas Millar

Release : WAVLINK 2.3

Antivirus check: passed

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WAVLINK is a robust program equipped with a high-level menu that enables the execution of any of the eleven available audio signal processing utilities. It is primarily designed for learning songs, studio post-production, and audio research. These utilities are optimized to deliver high accuracy and excellent signal quality.

These utilities operate in 32-bit under Microsoft Windows 32-bit or 64-bit. Both input and output audio files are in the WAV PCM format. Although many alternatives to WAVLINK are available, including free options, many of them sacrifice audio quality for processing speed. For instance, appropriate anti-aliasing filters are often not used where needed.

  • Supports WAV PCM format files for input and output
  • Runs through a desktop shortcut (blue guitar icon) with a simple double-click
  • Allows the user to select input and output files by browsing directories and files
  • Includes an uninstall utility

Moreover, to edit files with long names using DOS EDIT, the user needs to surround the file name with double quotes. It should be noted that there is no DOS EDIT in Windows 64-bit, but Notepad can be used in this case. In addition, WAVLINK error codes are listed in the README.TXT file in the C:\DOS\linkmode\WAVLINK\ directory.

WAVLINK provides high-quality audio signal processing, making it great for learning songs and audio research.

In conclusion, WAVLINK is a solid choice for those who value accuracy and audio signal quality. Its range of utilities and ability to browse directories for file selection make it a handy tool for learning songs, studio post-production, and audio research work.

Microsoft Windows 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
Desktop to run through a shortcut
Support for WAV PCM format files
Access to directory browsing for file selection

Delivers high accuracy and excellent audio signal quality.
Offers robust range of audio signal processing utilities.
Enables easy file selection through directory browsing.

Lacks support for audio formats other than WAV PCM.
Interface may be too complex for novice users.
No DOS EDIT support in Windows 64-bit systems.