by XB Software

A comprehensive JavaScript library for rapid development of mobile and desktop web applications.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: XB Software

Release : Webix 1.6

Antivirus check: passed

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Webix is a compact and ultra-fast JavaScript library (about 100 kb of compressed code), designed for the creation of desktop and mobile web applications, adhering to the most recent web standards (HTML5, CSS3).

This library offers a rich array of various JavaScript widgets whose user interface is compatible with all browsers. These widgets range from the simplest, such as menus or combo boxes, to highly interactive graphics and powerful data tables.

  • Wide-ranging compatibilities: Webix widgets can be used with various MVC frameworks (MVC.Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Yii). They also integrate smoothly with server-side connectors (for PHP, Java, ASP.NET).
  • Server-side technologies: Developers can use any server-side technology that exposes a RESTful API for loading and saving data.
  • Advanced functionalities: Among other features of Webix, it provides dynamic data loading, easy customization with CSS, offline support, drag-and-drop operations, and uses WebSocket and IndexedDB for data loading and saving.
  • Integration with other frameworks: Webix offers easy integration with popular frameworks and libraries, such as jQuery, Backbone.js, AngularJS, as well as online editors and geographic maps.

Webix allows users to easily add enhanced data selection methods to HTML inputs. For instance, the Webix Data-suggest control employs multimedia options for selection, while the Grid-suggest control allows placing a data grid as selection options. This control has the same functionality as DataTable, offering editing, sorting, filtering options, and many more. Web applications developed with Webix 1.6 are high-performing and display attractively on iOS, Android and Win8 mobile and touch devices.

Webix offers developers a fast, comprehensive solution for creating modern, high-performing and visually appealing web applications.

In conclusion, Webix is a comprehensive solution for the development of modern web applications, providing a vast range of tools and features to assist developers in creating fast, high-performing and aesthetically appealing web applications swiftly.

Compatible web browser
JavaScript enabled
Suitable server-side technology with RESTful API
Integration with MVC framework or other popular frameworks

Compact and ultra-fast, perfect for developing swift web applications.
Integrates smoothly with various MVC frameworks and server-side technologies.
Provides advanced functionalities like dynamic data loading and easy customization.

Limited documentation can make it challenging for beginners.
Less community support compared to other JavaScript libraries.
May experience slower performance with large data sets.