Win Updates Disabler

by site2unblock

A program that disables and enables automatic updates in the Windows OS

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: site2unblock

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Win Updates Disabler is a small utility that allows you to disable automatic installation of Windows updates, as well as disable a number of features that can adversely affect the performance of the system. In particular, the program knows how to shut down the security center, firewall and Windows Protector. Since disabling all of the above can facilitate the penetration of malware, we still recommend leaving the security features enabled or at least using reliable antivirus software.

The situation with updates is somewhat different. Once the update is installed, some of the available programs may begin to experience compatibility issues. This problem is typical for Windows 10, which updates make significant changes in the system, not just "patching" security holes and increase the stability of the "operating system". In addition, standard Windows 10 tools do not allow you to completely disable the installation of updates.

The interface of Win Updates Disabler is as simple as possible. The main window of the program contains three tabs. You can disable unnecessary functions on the first one, enable them on the second one, and select the interface language on the third one. Please note that you may need to reboot after using the program. Win Updates Disabler is available as an installation and portable version. You can use both for free.

- allows you to completely disable Windows Update Setup (including Windows 10);

- is able to stop the Firewall, Security Operations Center and Windows Protector;

- is available in both regular and portable versions;

- works with all the latest versions of Windows;

- translated into Russian.

The Win Updates Disabler is a optional feature that allows users to disable their firewall and completely disable Windows Update Setup. It is available to all the lastest versions of windows. I see this option being useful to a degree in the case you need to temporaily stop firewall or updates.
There is nothing worse than when you update your computer thinking it's going to be better and everything ends up worse because a lot of your programs are no longer compatible with the updated system. I always used to hit 'update later' when Windows told me there were updates available, but Windows 10 doesn't allow you the choice. To get around these automatically forced updates, I used Win Updates Disabler. I can pick which functions to disable or allow, I can change my choices at any time, and it's free to use.
The new WIN Updates disabler is a great new tool that allows customers to disable automatically installation of Windows Updates. This program shutsdown firewalls, and other protective servces.
It is open source software. I still using this software it is very useful and its programming is very easy to handle. It is used to enable or stop automatic updates on our devices. Most of the hanging problem of my system is solved by using this software.
Win Updates Disabler is a free software that allows users to disable and then re-enable automatic software updates. It also lets you disable and enable Windows Defender and Security Center. It is a great way to prevent unwanted updates while your working in the middle of the day. It’s also very user friendly. I highly recommend this software if you get annoyed by updates shutting your computer down at the worst times.
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