Windows 10 Firewall Control

by SphinxSoftware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SphinxSoftware

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.93196

Windows 10 Firewall Control protects your computer from unwanted inbound and outbound network connections. The program blocks any suspicious activity of the application, blocking its access to the network, and thus preventing the sending of important data to third parties, as well as the reception of malicious data from outside. If an application tries to access the network, Windows 10 Firewall Control displays a dialog box asking you to select a one-time permission to access, deny or allow access permanently, which can be either manually or automatically. There are several versions of the program: Windows 10 Firewall Control, Windows 10 Firewall Control Plus, Windows 10 Firewall Control Server, which differ in purpose, functionality and price.

- application protection;

- support for removable media;

- IPv6 support;

- the presence of a built-in advisor;

- Advanced security zone installation;

- security zone editor;

- Advanced/unprotected connection mode;

- Setting permissions for multiple users;

- cloud security.

Owen (unverified)
I am happy that this software can protect my computer from many things. If i ever have problems with unwanted inbound and outbound network connections. This program blocks any suspicious activity of the application.
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