WinFax Pro Fax Automator


Meant to help automate your faxing from any work document.

Operating system: Windows


Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinFax Pro Fax Automator is meant to help automate the process of faxing a word document. WinFax Pro allows you to fax your word document in one single click instead of having to go through more step that you would traditionally have to do to fax a word document. Winfax Pro allows you to set up the recipient and fax number quickly and easily. Winfax Pro also allows you to print hard copies of your word document or faxes. With the tools WinFax Pro has, you don't have to print out every fax you get, instead, you can choose to print the ones you need to print. This can save you money because you don't need to use as much ink and paper on printing out every single fax that comes your way. Faxing may be outdated, but if you're still using it, this can help save you a bit of hassle. WinFax Pro also includes fax templates to make your own faxes with the templates if you do not know how to make one yourself. Having the template is helpful for both beginners and experienced users of faxes. WinFax can also help you to manage the faxes you already have. It manages them by allowing you to either be a receiver or sender of faxes. The ability to set WinFax Pro up to automatically send out these faxes will save you time as it allows sending out faxes without having to put in as much effort. It allows for drag and drops faxing as well. Overall, WinFax Pro claims helps to save time when it comes to sending out faxes as well as helping the user to manage their faxes using their already existing word software as well as saving money by managing which faxes you choose to print out.


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