winPenPack Suite

by winPenPack Team

Thumbb drive desktop and office software suite

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: winPenPack Team

Release: winPenPack Suite 4.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It provides a full-featured set of office and desktop software that can be run from a thumb drive. Make any computer as effectively as your personal desktop with no time to set up. An expertly-selected suite of open-source essentials allows you to drop in on any machine with a USB port and retain your productivity. Built by an aware security team that hs taken steps to i) minimize the forensic effects on the host machine's drive ii) retail persistent user information on the drive without writing to the hard drive iii) provides a standard set of software to allow for flexibility not provided in vanilla Windows.ll included applications have been vetted

Save time when moving between systems and get work done when working on temporary or client machines. Fully open-source means all included applications are well vetted. Put your mind at ease and get a full fresh system for a $5 pen drive!


Provides portable versions of essential software
  • Perfect for travel
  • Fits in your pocket
  • No effect on the host computer
  • Application packed
  • Tiny footprint! Fits on all major drives under $5!

Windows system, full image, burn to a pen drive.

Select your applications and copy portable installs to as many drives as you want.

Fully free and open-source.

The winPenPack is often referred to by its acronym: wPP and is an open source program that was released back in 2018. It allowed portable applications to be executed from a USB source and was considered to be highly beneficial. Made for Windows, it's primary feature was the portable apps. Portable applications are sought after because they have benefits other applications do not. First starters they can be used on a host computer and leave no trace whatsoever once removed. One of the biggest parts of a portable application is that it does not have to be installed like most applications do.
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