by Marvin Hymowec

Keeps your computer asleep when it is not busy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Marvin Hymowec

Release: WinSleep

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinSleep by MollieSoft keeps your PC snoozing (while not very occupied), however much as could be expected during periods you indicate. Runs on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Gives a definite course of events chart demonstrating when your PC was wakeful, sleeping, or resting. Rest Journal shows when/why your PC woke up or rested. Gives advantageous Sleep and Hibernate catches for manual use when wanted. Utilize remote watcher WinSleep Monitor to associate from anyplace. Shows the present CPU/Disk/Network utilization rates for your PC. Characterize numerous rest plans (day by day, week by week, or month to month availability), each with an assigned rest strategy with its own CPU/Disk/Network utilization limits. Set wake plans and a discretionary undertaking (program) to be run at each wake. Draws out the life of your work station. Your plate drive isn't turning, the motherboard isn't fueled, the fan isn't running (and amassing dust inside the PC packaging), and your screens are in reserve mode—sets aside cash.

A common work area utilizes 250 watts of power when alert, yet just a couple of watts while sleeping. Force organizations (in the US) may charge at state 10 pennies for each kWh. This is .25 kWh @ 10 pennies = 2.5 pennies/hr you are sparing while snoozing. State WinSleep dozes your PC for a large portion of the day; this is $.30/day = $109.50 every year. The more you rest, the more you spare. (We didn't check the force utilization of the PC screen here.)


  • energy saver
  • prolong computer life
  • CPU/Disk/Network utilization limits
  • limits dust intake by keeping off when necessary
WinSleep (1.23 MB)
WinSleep (1.13 MB)
WinSleep (5.06 MB)
I love this software! It helps keep the computer asleep for as long as possible when I am not using it! No more wasting battery and energy. It also makes a nice little graph about when it’s awake, sleeping and hibernating which is extremely helpful. It also allows you to set timers and choose when the computer sleeps. No more just falling asleep on you while your using the restroom or getting a drink! This is a must have! A+++
WinSleep appears to be an economical solution for my computer. It will save energy consumption on my electrical bill. It will also be an excellent option for the health of my computer which may kep my computer running smoothly without loss of data due to a malfuction.
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