Work Order Template

by Uniform Software

A digital tool to create, manage and customize work orders in any industry.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Uniform Software

Release : Work Order Template 2.2.01

Antivirus check: passed

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The Work Order Template software is a crucial solution for businesses that issue work orders to external contractors. It's an invaluable tool, helping to save time and money by creating, issuing and tracking aesthetically pleasing work orders. It's suitable for both single users and multiple users, thus offering great flexibility.

This software doesn't limit you to a preset format. Instead, you have the freedom to type the instructions you wish to issue, in any way you prefer. While its design is rooted in commercial real estate applications, it's flexible enough to be used across virtually any industry sector.

All your work can be done on a single interface - there's no need to switch between different windows. If you're seeking an alternative to pre-printed forms or individual letter-style orders, this cost-effective software is the answer.

The Work Order Template software streamlines processes, enhancing efficiency and professionalism in issuing orders.
  • Building a database of standard instructions: You can create a list of standard text you regularly include in orders. Simply double-click an item to add it to your document.
  • Storing all your supplier and workplace addresses: You only need to type them once. Afterwards, you simply select them from a drop-down list.
  • Recall of saved orders: Saved orders can always be retrieved later for re-printing, referencing, or to be copied and used as a basis for new similar orders.
  • Customizing the appearance of orders: You can change the font, and/or add your own company logo graphic.
  • Sending your documents as HTML-formatted emails: Your suppliers see exactly what you see in the program - with no attachments!

In addition to these impressive features, it also stores various information, like issuer names, work numbers, account numbers, and more in easy-to-use dropdown lists. Likewise, the list of saved orders can be sorted by number, issuer, work number, account, category, supplier, work location, due date, or amount. No more digging through folders for information!

In summary, the Work Order Template software is a must-have tool for any business issuing work orders to external contractors. It is a flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective tool, streamlining your processes, enhancing your efficiency, and presenting your orders professionally.

1. Ability to create custom templates and instructions
2. Save and retrieve orders for easy referencing and re-printing
3. Send documents as HTML-formatted emails without attachments
4. Store various information in easy-to-use dropdown lists

Saves time by creating, issuing, and tracking work orders.
Offers flexibility and customization in formatting and instructions.
Stores and categorizes various data for easy retrieval and sorting.

Limited customization beyond font and logo adjustments.
Doesn't feature integrated invoicing capabilities.
No built-in collaboration or approval processes.
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