by Duncan Ogilvie

An exquisit debugger tool for Windows, open-source and highly functioning utility

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Duncan Ogilvie

Release : x64dbg stable

Antivirus check: passed

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x64dbg, if put in two words, provides a high-level debugger choice, consisting of numerous debugging formats, such as EXE, DLL, and others. Overall, x64dbg centers around having a complex and intuitive interface while also preserving all the functions and features needed for the debugging job to be done properly. The color scheme and basic design elements can also be adjusted with ease, making analyzing the code structure or general data inconsistencies a more favorable process. Many features that may come in handy when dealing with debugging are also implemented into the tool, things such as assembler (and disassembler), plugin support (API), and editable and expandable scripting languages for further work with things like automatization and optimization.

To keep all of this short, x64dbg really cuts all of the back-tracking and unnecessary processes from the equation, speeding up all of the debug practice and utilizing the added features to further promote simple and effective ways of debugging work. Now, all the people familiar with C can also use some of the expression parsers that also comes with all of these, or perhaps utilize all of the added labels, comments, reports, and other markings to help yourself make sense of the code better, the choice is yours!


  • A handy sidebar that comes with jump arrows to help you navigate around
  • Open GitHub page (open-source), with related forums and customization granted, too
  • A dynamic view of strings and modules taking place in the program
  • PDB (Basic debug symbol) and some other plugins support on-board
  • Statistics and just viewing options for things like threads, symbols, graphs, stacks, source code, and registers, as well as a convenient memory map to help you navigate all of the processed data
  • Active development with even more features in future updates, script support suitable for both 64x and 32x systems, and many more advantages to be used on the way

To close it (hopefully) all up we can simply summarize that x64dbg provides excellency and a bit more for anyone in need of a high-quality debugger. Now while the debugging itself may be not as frequently used around the IT space at the moment, anyone who may come by such need will be surely satisfied with a program like x64dbg, so we cannot do anything except recommend it!

x64dbg is an ultimate debugging utility program, mainly due to the clean interface, large amount of various use forms, as well as a direct support for the software
64-bit Windows operating system required
Minimum RAM: 1GB
At least 200MB free disk space

Open-source and free for developers to use.
Offers powerful, comprehensive debugging tools.
Fully scriptable and modular for custom functionality.

Steep learning curve for beginners.
Lacks comprehensive documentation and tutorials.
Occasional instability and crashes.
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