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Сopy your system disk into another disk, it even works with disks that don't belong in the same system

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Copyright Pixelab

Release: XXCLONE 2.08.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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XXClone provides a professional solution to create drives that can boot in Windows. These drives will significantly assist in backing up data. The program is simple, easy to use, and can work with non-system drives. The software supports FAT, NTFS, and USB-disk, PATA, SATA drives.


  • Create an automatic boot disk.
  • Support drag and drop operation.
  • Increase backup speed.
  • Automatic shutdown when finished.
  • Provides many advanced settings.

XXClone supports the convenient drag-and-drop operation to select drive source and destination as well as installation modes. The software can back up the entire capacity by copying all files from scratch, backing up Windows folders step by step, or moving the Registry without a backup file. XXClone also allows copying the drive ID, saving the current settings to a BAT file for other tasks, and restoring the system to its previous state.

XXCLONE can automatically replace your original disk by making it self-bootable.

For advanced users, XXClone provides the ability to use alternative wallpapers on the image, using HyperSync algorithms to speed up backups and create a log file or debug file. The software can also automatically shut down when the job is completed, saving time and effort of users.

According to the reviews for XXCLONE are mostly positive. Users generally are happy about the software's fast and flawless backup. According to customers, XXCLONE is easier to use, more powerful, and effective than other products of its kind in the market. With a reasonable price, many users call XXCLONE the perfect product to replace numerous products. Of course, a very small amount of customers still experience system errors or even crashes when first using XXCLONE.

XXCLONE 0.58 (1.15 MB)
XXCLONE 2.00.3 (3.47 MB)
XXCLONE 2.00.5 (3.47 MB)
XXCLONE 2.01.1 (6.18 MB)
XXCLONE 2.01.2 (6.18 MB)
XXCLONE 2.04.0 (4.22 MB)
XXCLONE 2.05.0 (1.04 MB)
XXCLONE 2.05.2 (1.04 MB)
XXCLONE 2.06.5 (4.43 MB)
XXCLONE 2.06.6 (1.04 MB)
XXCLONE 2.06.8 (1.04 MB)
XXCLONE 2.07.2 (1.04 MB)
XXCLONE 2.08.8 (1.04 MB)
The XXCLONE sounds like something that would be good to have. It would help you back up your system fast and in an efficient manner. Sounds like it would be hassle free being that it is compatible with multiple systems which is a plus. Different features described help maximize customers efforts and minimize their time spent working with little margin of error performance wise.
This service allows for one to easily clone a disk for windows. Using this product, people are able to clone disks to move files and other information. It definitely is usable and provides a great service to anyone who is interested. It is effective and is something that is usable for all.
Ollie Denson
XXCLONE for Windows is a program which copes your Windows system disk to a backup disk with the same files and programs as the original. It can create periodic backups to keep all your files and setting safe and can run in the background.
XXCLONE has been great for cloning my system disk to another when I want to make copies. Very convenient and works without a hassle, plus having a free version available for us cheap people is great. Definitely worth paying for the paid version though.
I've been looking for a way to clone my Windows. I was so happy to have downloaded XXClone for Windows. It gets the job done. I was able to make batch files and backed up everything. I can also have remote access to my machine. The software copied my entire Windows system onto a disk. So cool. I was able to boot it up without a restore step. It looked exactly the same so I trust that it successfully copied everything. XXClone for Windows gives me peace of mind.
XXCLONE software which provides to clone anything and everything with great features. it is awesome. The ability to repair a boot manager while running it in a backup copy is very high and confidential. when we compare with other software this is awesome and also compare with price. This XXCLONE must be in every one's program's tool box. Definitely recommending, once you install this then you can not add anymore cloning software.
Initially released in 2017, the software allowed a user to completely clone their windows system on their PC. This software would be a wonderful thing to have if your computer was ever infected with a virus and had to be completely rebooted. Unfortunately, due to the passing of the director of XXClone, this software has been discontinued. The company has gone out of business and will not support the software any longer.
XXClone is a volume cloning software that allows you to copy a Windows system disk into another disk. This is done with the all of your data files, system files, and installed applications. It’s important to note that the freeware version of XXClone doesn’t support the following: it doesn’t allow you to back up the whole hard disk (only volumes) and it doesn’t allow you to set a Dynamic Disk as your target volume.
XXCLONE software themes are excellent. This software is well designed and will be very useful to copy volume or windows system. This software works well on windows 10, windows 8 and windows 7 also.
XXClone for Windows is a software which allows you to clone, or back up, your Windows system onto a disk. This means that all data on your Windows PC can be effectively cloned and re-installed in case of massive system failure. The software comes in three tiers: Free, Home, and Pro. Keep in mind that this product simply clones the system volume, not the hard drive. However, the disk used with XXclone is self-bootable, meaning that disks can be swapped out, and that the cloned disk can be worked from as easily as the original system. It is a good choice for those looking to simply and safely back up their Windows system, but users seeking to back up their hard drive specifically may wish to look at other products, such as AOMEI Backupper.
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