by kurtnoise

YAMB is a GUI for windows, create, split, join, multiplex, demultiplex MP4 files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: kurtnoise

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Yamb is a special extension aimed at improving the convenience of working with the MP4Box application, whose graphical interface can be said to be absent (it is a regular command line). That is, Yamb itself does not perform any operations with files, but only allows you to clearly define the parameters of mixing, source and output files and other parameters of the source files in MP4Box. Thus, for comfortable work you will need both programs.

By the way, it allows you to perform various operations with MP4 video files, such as splitting the video into several parts, or connecting several files into one. It also allows you to mix media streams and combine video, audio and even subtitles in a single file. To work with the program you should install both applications in one folder, and then click on yamb.exe.

- convenient user interface provided by the utility;

- the ability to mix multiple multimedia streams (video, audio, subtitles) into one file;

- you can extract video from avi container, saving it in binary RAW format;

- the ability to cut/connect multiple mp4 parts

- availability of the Russian version of the program.

Yamb is an add-on to mp4Box, improving the overall usability of mp4Box. With Yamb, you can easily edit mp4 videos without having to use the annoying command utilities - Yamb does it all for you! Great program if you're looking to increase efficiency of mp4Box for free.
This software is amazingly helpful. I'm an engineering student with almost zero time that I get for my passion, which is messing around with music and audio. This software is super helpful for making that entire process easier and I could recommend it more!
I get a lot of MP4 files that I want to split or join together. I know there must be a tool out there that does that so I started searching the web. I found Yamb for Windows which is a GUI for windows. It allows me to create, split, and join MP4 and other video and audio files. It even supports subtitles and chapters. Basically, it offers everything I was looking for to work on my video projects. It's a powerful little GUI. It just makes life easier and allows me more time to relax.
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