Yet Another Cleaner

A full-on security utility designed to remove malware from your computer

Operating system: Windows

Release: Yet Another Cleaner 6.7.141

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Yet Another Cleaner is a full-on security utility designed to remove malware from your computer. This includes viruses installed on your local drives to web browser plugins. Yet Another Cleaner is a comprehensive one-stop tool for your malware protection needs both at home and office. It comes as freeware for Microsoft Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit operating system without any restrictions.


  • Free tool
  • One-stop tool for both hard drives and web browsers
  • Free up extra hard disk space
  • RAM usage monitoring
  • Flexible cleaning options
  • Plugin-in organizer

Yet Another Cleaner will bring the user the pleasure of good old days of browsing the internet without having to encounter and be bothered by unwanted toolbars, advertisements, landing pages, etc. It will also find and remove all the web browser extensions that were installed on the user’s computer without the user’s permission and knowledge with a simple cleaning program.

This helps to remove malware both on local drives as well as on web browsers.

Yet Another Cleaner is not just a virus and malware cleaner. It also effectively cleans up unwanted system files and temporary files created during software installations. This results in freeing up additional disk space for the users’ essential needs. While doing so, it also clears up old cookies that remain in your temporary disk space, which might turn harmful sooner or later.

In addition to all the above, Yet Another Cleaner is also equipped with a RAM usage monitor that effectively monitors RAM usage at any given instant and display it to the user. Upon installation, the program creates a floating icon that sits on top of all applications and dynamic updates and shows RAM usage for the user.

In addition to serving as a security tool, Yet Another Cleaner also comes packed with a tool that helps the users to organize their plugins, enable and disable them easily with one click.

Yet Another Cleaner comes with a very intuitive User Interface that lets you operate the application at ease with very clear labeling and color contrast.

In short, Yet Another Cleaner is your one-stop solution for your computer security and protection.

Yet Another Cleaner gives the user two options for cleaning. One, with a quick scan that would suit the needs of users who wants to get it done soon. Two, for those who have time and would like a more thorough scan of their computer.

Erin Sing
Scan your computer for viruses and malware with Yet Another Cleaner. This application will help you to keep your computer free from all of the unwanted things that can appear when you are browsing the internet. Help to keep your computer and your information safe with this program.
This software product is unique in that it scans and cleans one's computer quickly and efficiently. It easily takes off all malware and does a great job of doing so. It seems to provide a comprehensive service and definitely serves an important need. I like this idea and think that it would be great for anyone interested in clearing their computer.
Finlay Mchale
Yet Another Cleaner for Windows is an Anti-Virus software program. You can use it to rid malware, search for viruses and remove them from your computer if you have any. Not my first choice of anti-virus program, and yet, if I ever find myself in a hunch for any reason whatsoever, this might not be a bad deal. Considering its free to download, it will allow me to save a little more moolah when I am out Christmas shopping later during the year.
Yet Another Cleaner for Windows has many useful functions. It can be used for cleaning unused and speeding up my computer. It gets rid of malware from the system as well as cookies. The cleaner can uninstall applications and block advertisements. In addition, the software is simple to use and quick. It available as a free download to all software users.
This characteristic program is an indispensable tool that allows us to keep our computer clean, safe and fast. It is capable of cleaning our history, deleting temporary files and browsing, also manages to avoid those annoying advertising windows or installation of unauthorized programs, this program is compatible with multiple browsers.
Its given the security to the system and the storage to work faster so its call the antivirus scanner. And its help to remove the unknown threads and removing it permanently. Then another thread like problems is coming to the system its help to remove in it and notification the thread to your view
It can be said that Yet Another Cleaner is not just any old cleaner. It will delete malware from your hard drive and eradicate all manner of viruses that have ended up embedded in your computer. As software goes it can be compared with CCleaner but it has its own touch and that makes it a great alternative. Yet Another Cleaner is specifically for windows will also protect you from annoying browser plugins and also all the annoying start pages and toolbar add ons too.
Having frequent viruses infect my laptop computers was a constant problem for me until I found YAC This product quickly identifies and eliminates any bug that gets into your laptop or PC It even blocks harmful plugins that you may encounter over the internet. Best of all this service is free. I highly recommend Yet Another Cleaner for Windows Your computer will love you for it
If you have malware this is a good program to use. I would recommend trying it out. I have personally used this program and noticed that after using it my Pc began to run smoother than before. I do love the program and the settings of how user friendly it is. I would give this program a definite 4 out of 5 stars. The only con is the controversial plea that others have with this program messing up their PC.
This program claims to eliminate malware from your computer for free and does the job quickly. It is similar to other malware-removing tools. It was tested by another company and it was found that Yet Another Cleaner for Windows program had been stolen from someone else's company. Yet Another Cleaner for Windows was reported and their OPSWAT Certificate was removed. Obviously, this software is not recommended to be used by anyone!
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