by William Blum

Protect your computer from shareware programs infected with a virus

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: William Blum

Release: Cracklock

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cracklock is a fantastic piece of security software that can keep your computer safe from many different viruses. One of the main viruses it works against is known as the 30th Day bug. This is a bug that is found in many shareware programs that are automatically activated after the application has been install / running on the user's computer for 30 days. This bug simply prevents the program from running. Cracklock prevents this from happening by intercepting the shareware program's access to the system clock and instead of providing the program with a predetermined date and time. Since the shareware program thinks that it's an earlier date, so 30 days have not passed, the program will continue launching and functioning as usual. This allows the user to continue using the program for as long as they want, in any way that they want.

Another great function Cracklock has for developers is that it can test for the year 2000 compliance. This program would allow developers to certify their software against the Y2K bug. Since this is now in the past and new software won't have to be developed to be in compliance with the Y2K bug Cracklock has been improved so that it can also function as a year 10000 bug compliance tester. This will allow developers to certify their software for the Y10K bug quickly and efficiently.

The current version of Cracklock supports all 32-bit versions of Windows from NT to Vista. There is a 64-bit version in development. For older versions of Windows, legacy versions of Cracklock are still available.

Cracklock is very easy to install, featuring an installation program that will install it on your system. Once it's installed, you simply run the manager program, which allows you to choose which applications should run through Cracklock and which date you want the computer to tell the program that it currently is.

The best part of the program is that it's completely free. It's one of the most helpful programs out there and is an asset to many computer users.

Cracklock is a custom-designed program that was written on an individual level for the end consumer.
Elsa Jean
Cracklock is an ingenious little program that allows users to continue user shareware programs after the 30 day mark when many bugs in shareware programs are activated. At the 30 day mark, they will not allow the program to function anymore but Cracklock technology keeps the clock set to under 30 days so your programs continue to work. Though a long way off, it's also primed and ready for the Y10K bug so compliance is assured far out into the future for programmers. Even better, this is a free program to download and use.
I'm all for any product that keeps my computer safe, and Cracklock definitely fits that bill. I love that it works against the 30th day bug. That one is normally so tough, because it just automatically does the damage after just sitting on your computer for 30 days. So the fact that Cracklock will prevent it from starting to run is perfect!
Software that protects your computer from viruses is a great idea, however, some of the other software features seem a little out dated and questionable. Certifying software against the Y2K bug seems pointless since this Y2K has already come and gone. Also, Y10K is so far away that this software will be obsolete by then.
Oscar Kirk
Cracklock is perfect for a person that is having issues finding a way to get a virus off of their computer. Cracklock has ways that are unknown to viruses and spam. This program is perfect for casual users, who are having issues with their computer.
If you need protection from the “30 Day Virus”, then Cracklock is the software you need. Cracklock specifically was created to combat the pesky virus that keeps your computer from starting up after 30 days, typically through apparent benign, but actually malicious software. It also guards against several other notorious bugs, such as the “Y10K” bug and timezone bugs and issues. With support for 32-bit and 64-bit computer systems, it’s versatility, although created for a specific purpose, will be perfect for those who need to safeguard others from such viruses and issues, as well as themselves.
Have you ever been disappointed by how little Windows Defender does to actually defend your computer? Well, Cracklock helps solve just that. Cracklock is a software that aims to improve your computers security by keeping it safe from a many different viruses and other malware, such as the 30th day bug and more. The most up to date version of the software supports most Windows versions.
Cracklock is so handy to have if you need to make sure that you're doing all that you can to prevent your computer from being attacked by viruses. The 30th Day bug is Cracklock's main target, and Cracklock effectively prevents that bug from getting access to the clock that's on your system. You can continue surfing the net with ease knowing that you're protected by Cracklock.
The Cracklock software product is a unique tool design to protect you from a specific virus that affects other can be run from a flash disk using cutting edge technology like Norton, Sophos, Thunderbyte and F-Proot.
Cracklock for Microsoft Windows is a great tool that will protect you from viruses affecting the fast-growing shareware programs hitting the market. Cracklock is particularly useful against polymorphic viruses that can be particularly vicious such as the 30th Day Virus which manifests 30 days out from installing the infected software. This nasty virus will keep you from even starting up any infected software! Sometimes you might get a warning message but other times you only get suspicious behavior. Cracklock is the cure for these viruses and uses state of the art programming that is still not even known or found in other popular anti-virus programs like McAfee, Norton, and many others. Use this to get the job done where others will fail you!
A CRACKLOCK is very useful and it is access flexible it supposed to a good solution against the time which has the technology of clock and date mentioned we can use it has a world clock. Now, it has some updates much attractive like freeze time per application, virtual time and data more useful in our windows and modes of operations are more than one then the level of effect contains the details all we need. It is an interesting hit that helps me to find more information about CRACKLOCK.
Cracklock for Windows is not just another virus scanner. This software has lots of special features that mark it out as a unique product including the ability to test for the Y2K bug as well as the Y10K bug. It has an easy installation process that could be done by a three-year-old and it keeps your device safe from many of the current viruses.
Cracklock is a fabulous bit of security programming that can protect your PC from various infections. One of the fundamental infections it neutralizes is known as the 30th Day bug. This is a bug that is found in numerous shareware programs that are consequently enacted after the application has been introduce/running on the client's PC for 30 days. This bug just keeps the program from running. Cracklock keeps this from occurring by blocking the shareware program's admittance to the framework clock and as opposed to furnishing the program with a foreordained date and time. Since the shareware program believes that it's a prior date, so 30 days have not passed, the program will keep dispatching and working obviously. This permits the client to keep utilizing the program however long they need, in any capacity that they need.
Cracklock is pretty interesting because it has a test for Y2K, but because that's irrelevant now, they have a test for Y10K. It's silly to think about but I like the idea of my software lasting indefinitely. It's great software for security and it's free. It might not be for everyone, but I like it a lot. This also helps stop a bug from occurring by intercepting it outright - neat!
This thing is a neat little tool that i found to be very helpful in virus protection. There’s a lot of virus protection apps out there, and i thought this was one of many that was genuinely reliable and good. Keeping your computer protected is a priority and having something like this should be treated with absolute importance.
It is a good tool or application for windows. IT can avoid our system from security breaches. IT avoids hacking and hackers and any other wants to unlock our personal files. On the other way, we want to crack our lock windows only if the password is forgotten it should be used to achieve it. It can easily be accessed by normal people in the normal world. So it is a very good app for window users.
I downloaded this to help with my constant virus issues. What this does is basically stops the 30-day virus that is usually very common with man software programmes. This software will alter the time and date of your software programs on your device and make it so that it never reaches the 30 day so you get a limited amount of virus's and I must say, its worked for me. I dont have half as many now.
It is the software which is used for the set the time and date for the particular program which is maintaining the individual program to get protected or not affected by the virus. It is used for the removing bugs from the software which can be made for the operating systems by their own terms. It is safe, secure and virus free downloaded.
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