You've Got Mail


A notification program that alerts you through sound and animation when emails arrive

Operating system: Windows


Release : You've Got Mail 1.8

Antivirus check: passed

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'You've Got Mail' is an innovative software that notifies you of new incoming emails. It's designed to help you manage your emails in a more effective and organized manner without the need to constantly keep your default email program open. Whether you're using Hotmail, Live, Gmail, Yahoo or any other email provider, 'You've Got Mail' is compatible with all of them.

The program is capable of checking as many email accounts as you want. Therefore, you can stay updated with all your incoming messages without having to switch from one account to another. Instead, you're notified as soon as a new email comes in, with custom animations and sounds for each account.

  • Notifies of new email arrivals through animations and sounds.
  • Supports multiple email accounts.
  • Compatible with various email providers - Hotmail, Live, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Customizable alert types for each email account.
  • Saves energy and system resources by not needing to keep your default email program constantly open.

'You've Got Mail' frees you from the necessity to constantly check your email. By adding a fun element with custom animations and sounds, you're notified in an engaging and entertaining way whenever you receive an email. In short, 'You've Got Mail' is an essential tool for staying connected and organized in today's digital world.

'You've Got Mail' software swiftly notifies you of new emails across multiple accounts, saving time and system resources.
Operating system: Windows 7 and above.
Internet Connection: Required for email retrieval.
Compatible with various email providers.
Supports multiple email accounts.

Supports multiple email accounts simultaneously.
Customizable alerts for different accounts.
Saves system resources by reducing email program use.

Notifications can be disruptive during work hours.
Only supports email notifications, not other social platforms.
No spam filter integration in the notifications.