by zlibnet dev team

An unobtrusive compression library that is free and compatible with virtually any computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: zlibnet dev team

Release: zlibnet 1.3.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Zlib is an unobtrusive compression library software written by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler. Zlib is free and is intended for general use, which is not covered by patents. The software supports all platforms and is compatible with virtually any computer hardware and operating system. In addition, the format of data that Zilb uses is compatible with any platform. The compression method which Zlibnet uses is an LZ77 variant, which is called deflation. It produces data that is compressed as a sequence of blocks. The blocks are the raw data. When handling input, Zlibnet never expands the data which has been inputted by users.

Some other software is similar to Zlibnet double and or triple the size of the inputted file. This expansion of data is undesirable and is avoided when using Zlib. Due to this, the amount of memory Zilb requires is entirely independent of the data file inputted. When using Zilb, more memory is required for the compression method than for the decompression method. The exact specifications which will determine the amount of memory required will ultimately depend on how the particular data library was compiled. The memory requirements for the decompression phase follow more strict limitations. The data is compressed using a smaller window when doing compression, whereas, for data decompression, the window size is reduced. This means that streams that were compressed with larger windows are unable to be decompressed. The data file size can be reduced in the compression phase, with some added costs.

The latest release had a few key improvements. The first improvement was that it fixed the deflate stored bug. The second improvement was that it allowed immediate ‘deflateParams’ changes before, and input was provided to deflate. 

Provides a free lossless data-compression library which is available to use on any computer or operating system

  • Unobtrusive compression library
  • Free to use
  • Compatible will all computer hardware and operating systems.
  • The Zlib data format is compatible with all platforms.
  • The compression method used by Zlib never expands data.
Check out zlibnet for Windows if you're looking for a program that will allow you to compress your data at no cost. Regardless of which operating system or computer hardware you have, you can trust that zlibnet can help you compress your data without compromising its size. You can even decrease zlib's memory if you want to do so during the compression process.
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