AAA Logo Design

by AAA Logo Design Software

A software program that allows you to design your own logo

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AAA Logo Design Software

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Last revision: Last week

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AAA LOGO Design is a software program that allows anybody, regardless of graphic design experience, to create convincing, high-quality logos. It has a simple point-and-click interface and a variety of logo templates available, which makes it very convenient for anybody with basic computer skills who is looking to set up a logo for their business.

There are many pre-made templates available, ranging from themes such as Business and Entertainment to Cartoon and Illustrative. This allows the user to pick and choose between many different layouts to find the perfect logo for their needs. The objects a user can choose from are specialized to a variety of different businesses, such as Education, Technology, Sports and Fitness, and many more.

The program itself is smaller than many other similar applications (at 15 MB), and the installation process is also fast and ultimately painless. There is no registration or personal information required in order to download the trial version, so I found it to be very low-risk. A user interested in purchasing the Premium version can do so for $49.95.

It is worth noting that the program is currently only available for Windows; according to their website, Mac users would have to find a way to boot a Windows OS X onto their Mac or use a virtualization package. Since Mac computers tend to be favored by more business-oriented people, a Mac version of this program would be a great addition in the future. However, for those of us on Windows computers, I found it to be ultimately satisfying.

Simpler and easier to use than most design software produces.

  • The small size makes it easy to download and quick to install
  • The simple, user-friendly product that doesn't require graphic design experience
  • Allows for the creation of fast, professional-looking logos
  • Trial version available
  • Wide variety of templates and themes available
  • Save as png, jpg or vector pdf, svg, and eps files

For Windows only.

Only available in English.

This is very useful for creating a logo. No company will be without a logo All companies will use the logo. This logo will show up very simply and beautifully to popularize a company. A large number of people in our company use this software. I really like this software.
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