by Clifford Wolf, Marius Kintel

A free application used to create solid computer-aided design (CAD) objects.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Clifford Wolf, Marius Kintel

Release : OpenSCAD stable

Antivirus check: passed

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Gone are the days when you had to draw or design manually. Now, advanced technological software called OpenSCAD has been introduced to help you in the design process. It is freeware and simple software that helps you modify, develop, and optimize product designs. Using this programmer-oriented solid modeling tool, you can easily create accurate 3D models. The main goal of this application is to focus on computer-aided design so you can craft and manipulate your 3D models with ease.

The advanced features of the OpenSCAD app include a Customizer tool. Using these online customization options, you can edit various objects and manipulate them virtually. Thus, you can save time in product development and decrease the margin of error. The best thing is this CAD software has a script-based parametric nature that allows you to change the geometry or modify the dimensions. This also helps in creating various entities in 3D model space.


  • A reliable software to create solid computer-aided design models with high accuracy.
  • It gives you full control over the modeling process so you can modify or manipulate objects as needed.
  • The interactive and smooth interface makes it easy for designers to create precise product designs from scratch.
  • It is open-source hardware that efficiently displays graphical visual representations and helps in the code-writing process.
  • You can export the 3D designs in multiple formats, including the most common CSV and PNG image modes.
  • It is available for all kinds of devices, so anyone with a computer can use it on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Above all, OpenSCAD is a perfect 3D-compiler tool that renders the objects in its script-file mode and allows you to modify any step of the modeling process. You can use different techniques such as constructive solid geometry (CSG) or extrusion of 2D outlines. Besides, the created files can be exported to your local storage in whatever format you desire. Get it now to design better and accurate 3D objects effortlessly.

OpenSCAD provides a smooth working environment to help designers create 3D models that can be exported in various file formats.
1. Operating system: Windows, Mac, or Linux
2. Graphics card that supports OpenGL for visualization
3. Minimum 1GB RAM for smooth performance

Excellent for creating precise, programmable 3D models.
Supports both CSG and 2D transformation-based modelling.
Open-source with an active development community.

Steep learning curve for users new to scripting languages.
Lacks an interactive, user-friendly graphical interface.
Limited support for organic shapes and complex geometries.
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