Log Calculator

by Digital Services of South Florida, Inc.

A quick and easy tool to perform simple mathematical operations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Digital Services of South Florida, Inc.

Release : Log Calculator 1

Antivirus check: passed

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If you’re an engineer, mathematician or simply a student, you’ll need a portable tool to perform various mathematical operations sooner or later. To make it easy for you, Log Calculator steps up as a highly efficient application. It is a simple yet functional calculator that allows you to solve complex algebraic expressions within a fraction of a second. Using this tool, you can calculate the logarithm of any number with a chosen base, such as Log 1, Log 2, Log 5, or Log 6.

Apart from performing complicated operations, the Log Calculator also saves your previous calculations or history. This way, you can export the results in a printable document or file format. To use this application, simply enter the number for which you want to find the logarithm. Enter a base value and click the calculate option. The software will automatically show results based on your expression and requirements. You can repeat the same process for the next mathematical operation. It's as simple as it sounds.


  • A highly valuable tool for finding out difficult algebraic sums or mathematical tasks.
  • It is easy to use and supports exponential equation calculations.
  • You simply enter the value in the dialog box, and the calculator will show the results within seconds.
  • Once you get your desired result, you can export the data to a readable file format or save it to your local storage media.
  • It contains different options for the convenience of students and users. For instance, you can clear history, copy text or enter a wide range of parameter values.
  • It is compatible with different operating systems and does not take much storage space, so an older Windows version can run this application without any technical issues.

Log Calculator is super easy to use and has no prerequisites. You can perform calculations, get results, and save the data in whatever format you want. Install it now to solve complex mathematical expressions effortlessly.

Log Calculator finds out the value of various logarithms or any algebra expression with just a single keyboard press.
Operating System: Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X (10.11 or later)
Processor: 1GHz or faster
Memory (RAM): 1GB or higher
Disk Space: Minimum 50MB for installation

Handles both integers and floating-point numbers.
Offers options for customizing user experience.
Includes a history function for past calculations.

Does not support logarithmic expressions involving variables.
No offline functionality, requires constant internet connection.
Limited customization options for user interface.
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