by ProfiCAD

Software solution that allows for easy designing, structuring, and editing drawings and diagrams

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ProfiCAD

Release : ProfiCAD 12.4.4

Antivirus check: passed

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ProfiCAD is a tool suitable for mostly electricians, engineers, and any other construction-based worker for which the application was made. It could be characterized as having a solid list of features, ranging from template creation/editing and their exporting and importing to things like simulations to allow for on-time analysis of an electrical circuits that could happen along or after the construction process. Practially, the program is a diamond among this type of software solutions, standing out for some extras like the large amount of symbols (over 10.000!), automatic updating, build-in calculator for electrical circuits and the electricity and component values, and more.

The program also offers basic editors for said symbols, schematics, diagrams, as well as their easy and fast in between-management, so that also contributes to the work speed and effectiveness. It is suitable for creating detailed wiring, hydraulics, pneumatics, and some others technical illustrations and could be used in different fields if needed.


ProfiCAD is a great designing application that has intuitive and easy-to-use interface, many functions suitable for different occasions, and many more features
  • Easy export/import process
  • Report viewing and their subsequent adding 
  • Easy printing of selected diagrams, reports, and other type of technical documentation that might need printing
  • Solid setting menu where you can influence both the way the program operates/looks, how its features work, and some other options/parametres that you might need to adjust in order to fit your working style
  • Fast alignment process 
  • 3D Viewing and basic modeling functions 
  • Many tools for editing, cropping, zooming, etc., the drawing (though some more basic than others, obviously)
  • Cross references, cable management, customizable floor plans, and many more features included with the software

It could just be said that ProfiCAD holds a great position among software dedicated to engineers, having many features to offer as well as a great way of combining them all together in a comprehensible way. There is also a lot of room for synergizing this software with other solutions in order to maximize the utility use effectiveness and speed, but also to simply make it a much more simple and well-defined job.

Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating system
At least 512 MB of RAM
Hard disk space of at least 20 MB
Internet Explorer 9 or higher

Extensive built-in library of symbols.
User-friendly with easy-to-navigate interface.
Automatic generation of diagrams saves time.

Limited editing features compared to some CAD programs.
No 3D drawing capability.
The interface may seem outdated for some.
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