Active GIF Creator

by WSoft Lab

GIF creator for windows is provided

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WSoft Lab

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Active GIF Creator is a program for creating animated images in GIF format.

With Active GIF Creator you will be able to create great animations for web pages. In addition, using pictures or graphics created in any image editing program, such as Windows Paint, Adobe Photoshop and a dozen other similar programs you can easily and quickly create even movies.

Active GIF Creator is a very useful utility for creating animated images in GIF format.

- creation of animated images in GIF format from a set of files in the following formats: BMP, JPEG, ICO, PCX, PNG, TGA, PSD;

- import images from other GIF files;

- to manage the list of images;

- Images can be edited directly in this program using the internal graphic editor;

- Duplicate, merge, cut, resize, rotate and mirror images;

- Definition of global parameters of GIF files: GIF sizes, logical screen sizes, background color index, number of cycles in animation;

- Define offset, transparency, manifestation, delay, title, and "how to delete" for each individual image;

- the ability to apply a set of effects to an image;

- particle application on the image;

- Add and remove text comments;

- editing color palettes;

- support for copying images from the clipboard (in BMP format);

- Export and import of files in AVI and ANI formats;

- export and import of raster stripes;

- Create 2D and 3D button images;

- use of image collections;

- creation of animated scripts;

- Optimization of GIF-file size;

- Display of GIF file size and loading time for different modem speeds;

- Ability to view a GIF file on a web page with different backgrounds;

- Adding a hidden signature to GIF files to protect them from unauthorized use;

- Create GIF files in batch mode from the command line;

- save GIF file images in the following formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF or TGA files;

- saving the created animation as a project in a file with the extension .agif;

- Create maps for tags in HTML;

- multilingual interface support.

This software can help users import images of videos from gif file. They also can edit in the program. The software can let the user use 2d and 3d images. It can let the user view gif files on different background in another webpage. This software let the user create animated pictures in gif format in a lot of files.
This product lets me creative fun and interesting GIF creations to send to my friends. Easy to use and very effective, I have encouraged my friends to download it and we have a lot of fun sending each other animations. Would definitely recommend this software.
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