by Rick Brewster

A free image editing software with built-in tools and effects

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Rick Brewster

Release: Paint.NET 4.2.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Paint.Net is a free Windows software program which is for image and photo editing. It is extremely user-friendly and features a simple and elegant user interface packed with beginner support, an array of image effects, a variety of different tools, a community forum, videos which demonstrate how to perform specific functions as well as plugins and the ability to undo to an unlimited extent so that your work is never lost or irrecoverable.

It is full-featured, which means that it’s all in one and has basically everything you would need to create the output of a picture-perfect image. It is perfect for photographers who want to produce high-quality work, or basically for anyone working with images that want to produce high-quality work. It is a wonderful and ideal replacement for software programs such as Microsoft Paint, and it comes packed for Windows.

It is comparable to other alternatives such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP, Photo Editor by Microsoft and Corel’s photo editing software. This software is ideal and perfect for working with friends or partners on a variety of projects and experimental editing. You will have everything you need with the built-in editing capabilities and other special effects, which will aid in your ability to produce high-quality work in a very short span of time. Not only this, but the interface is also a familiar one, making it easy for users to easily navigate and figure out the program and its features in no time.

In terms of the tools that it has built-in, users can add layers top their image, add text to photos and other edits, use effects and other filters which are unavailable elsewhere. Different windows are opened and utilized for different tasks, making this the best program for doing several projects and tasks at once. I love that works are divided in this manner so that everything is separated and clean-cut so that you do not need to sort through your entire file directory to find out what projects are currently being worked on or not. Your able to position windows in space according to your own choosing, making this also very personable so that the photo editing experience is a comfortable one.

I would definitely recommend this for either beginners or pro, as a literally all-in-one software that you will love to use and find to be so easy to figure out before you create that perfect picture.

Has a multitude of features for pro's such as layers, effects and tools, as well as support and a clean interface for beginners

  • User-friendly and elegant interface
  • Photo editing effects and tools to spice up images
  • Opens windows for different projects which allow for multi-tasking
  • Beginner support and tutorials, along with a community forum
  • Tools include adding text, adding layers, changing properties, etc.

For Windows users only

Paint.NET was super easy to use! I was able to edit my photos for free without a subscription or any hidden fees. This app also has very sophisticated functions and tons of tools, including layers manipulation. Anything you want to edit, you can do it on Paint.Net. It definitely has many more functions than Microsoft Paint and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
If you're looking for an easy and convenient way to edit your images and photos, then you must check out Paint.NET for Windows. This program is so intuitive to use that even a novice could catch on in just minutes. I love that it can handle multiple photos simultaneously and appreciate that the navigation is so fast, thanks to the assistance of tabbed documents.
it is really used to free image photo editing software for pcs that is runs as is special toeffects wide need to variety of product and image effects .it is photo editing features are all reallu good and update features .it is easy to use to all windows i like very much in this paintNET editing .
I use Paint.Net for Windows on my PC to edit my photos that I take of my family and friends. I make them better before sharing with them. They appreciate the extra effort. It's a free software and comes with effects that I love. They really do make any photo better. I can add fonts too if I want to type text on top of my photos.
Paint.NET is a free image and photo editing software. It contains advanced features that helps us to create better images. Compared to other software was better than that ,looks great. it is more suitable for beginners and intermediates. advantage: Easy and convenient to use. disadvantage: limited brush work
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