Affinity Publisher

by Serif, Inc.

A professional publishing software that helps to make creative layouts for publications.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Serif, Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Affinity Publisher is a software product that comprises text, graphics, and images that users can combine to create a unique layout. This Affinity Publisher has everything that and user needs for a publication, like fine padding control for text wrapping; even one can share the templates across devices or apps. It has the wonderful option of visualizing the user's text in creative ways throughout the document.

It also has several features for editing like border alignment, creating tables and graphs, different text styles, and so on. Using graphics for creating the document will be very easy and impressive in Affinity publisher; it provides a wide range of options to add graphics in a creative way and even supports the most complex vector documents. The tuning of images is very clear and precise in Affinity Publisher.

It has powerful pen tools for correcting the images in a layout. Even the user can add layering effects such as shadows, bevels, and glows. Data merging is very easy using this Affinity Publisher, user can easily merge all the texts, images, and graphics into the document, and can be easily printed.

This Affinity publisher is mostly used for printing magazines, postcards, certificates, catalogs, and business cards. The user can easily proofread the document in easier ways, it has separate options to check the image quality and the text alignments, text errors, fillings, and so on. When coming to image quality user has full access to the color control, even to minute changes. The user can link to any of the affinity apps from this Affinity publisher. It enables a wide range of options for the user to create, edit, import, export and print the document. 

Compatible for Windows and Mac.

  • Wonder compatibility for all types of document and image format
  • Very easy file transfer i.e., import and export
  • Professional output formats.
  • Ready-made layouts for printing.
  • Can share files across devices. 
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