by Eltima Software

A program that downloads YouTube videos to your computers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eltima Software

Release: Airy 2.2.254

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I'm someone who travels a lot and usually doesn't have internet or Wi-Fi around most of the time. I decided to try out Airy YouTube downloader in hopes that I could watch videos later when I didn't have service. It has given me new freedom when it comes to traveling. I can now download any YouTube video I want and watch it anywhere. This application has made it so I can enjoy countless hours of entertainment without the need to have Wi-Fi to watch them. Airy lets you choose what resolution you want to download your videos in too, so there is no worry of having to download huge file sizes. I can choose something as high as 4K resolution, or go old school with 144p! Having the option is nice and useful when I don't have a ton of storage on my phone or PC. 

I also like to create meme videos as a hobby, so being able to download YouTube videos that contain effects and memes helps me do that. The program is very simple and easy to use also. All you have to do is get the link of the desired YouTube video, then paste it into the application, choose your resolution quality, and finally download the video. I usually spend about 5 minutes on average when I want to convert a video. It also lets you download MP3 files! So I can download all the jams I want before I go on a long remote trip. It has made life so much easier for me. I went on a trip to the Grand Canyon last month and had downloaded roughly 50 YouTube videos, all of the regular channels I watch. Each video played amazingly, and I had no issues with playback. They look just like they would on YouTube. The app isn't some crazy type of program, and it's just what I need. 

If you are a traveler like me or want to download YouTube videos/music, then Airy can quickly help with that. I no longer have to rush to a Starbucks to watch a video or listen to a song. It's a vital tool in my everyday life now, and I couldn't be more thankful that I stumbled upon this application. Go check it out if you want. I don' think it will let you down. 

helps create video files of your favorite YouTube videos

  • Multiple file size option 
  • Browser integration 
  • Link Que 
  • Share video anytime
  • Fast download speeds

Must have Windows XP or newer in order to download 

Airy 1.0.63 (10.47 MB)
Airy 2.0.160 (13.36 MB)
Airy 2.2.254 (14.16 MB)
Airy YouTue Downloader for Mac is an efficient tool to download YouTue videos to your Mac computer. It has a very simple interface with just a few options and a copypaste mechanism. Although there is no rowser all you need is the URL of the video you want to download and you can download it in any format and resolution on your computer. When you install Airy YouTue Downloader it creates an app in your Launchpad so you can easily find it. From there just open the app and paste the YouTue videos URL into the address ar and hit download. You can download as many videos at once if you want although speeds may fluctuate depending on your connection. For any video you download youll find several format options to choose from including a moile-friendly format and a large video file format for talets or desktop computers. Mac. You can also integrate it into your rowser from the options menu making it even more versatile software. The Airy comes with a free trial for five video downloads and requires a $20 paid upgrade to unlock the full version. It is an ideal solution for anyone who downloads a lot of videos from the internet. Its a great tool easy to set up and responsive without too many options to get you ogged down. It is recommended for anyone interested in downloading videos from YouTue.
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