Aktiv MP3 Recorder

Record sounds on your PC that you may want to keep

Operating system: Windows

Release: Aktiv MP3 Recorder

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41063

This software is a recording device used on your pc, to do just as the description says, record sounds you want to store.  It's different in a way that you can save the files in many different formats, but also canceling out silence and noise, unlike much other software.  It's a user-friendly tool that almost anyone would be able to handle.  It’s also a safe tool to use so there shouldn’t be any fear in anyone’s mind about using the product. You’re able to designate the recording to be in stereo or mono, which is a dynamic tool for those that are really into technology.  Either way, individuals will have a great experience with their recordings, regardless of the sound.  


  • Record Live Performances

    Storing sounds that you want to have as a keepsake.

  • Noise canceling 

  • Scheduled Recordings 

  • Archives your recordings

In conclusion, this software is perfect for individuals who like to record all the time.  There aren’t many recording devices that anyone can utilize to record music, live performances, shows, interviews, etc from your pc.  It’s a user-friendly device that probably is impossible to not be able to manage.  It would be perfect for anyone to use to record the voice of a loved one that they would want to have as a keepsake.  That way things can be shared with just about anyone that may want the recordings.  Most people usually record music and wouldn’t think that there is any software out there to record just about anything.  You’re able to set a particular folder for your recordings to go into just like any other software.  The software is an enhancement to your pc for any use.  Even if you don’t use it on a daily basis, it would be beneficial to have for just about anything.  Overall, consumers will not be disappointed with this software because it will record just about anything that you want and it’s safe and beneficial.

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