Ableton Live

by Ableton AG

Create and edit audio, specifically music

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ableton AG

Release: Ableton Live 7.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ableton Live is a software designed with the intention of the user to be able to produce music through different components of their program. There are multiple different components, which means that the possibilities are endless when it comes to your audio. Ableton Live makes it possible for the user to customize their music exactly to how they envisioned it to be. There are tools to change the overall texture, tone, and mood of your audio. There are also tools to edit individual layers of instruments and sounds, so it is simple to edit your audio as a whole, and also extremely up close.


  • Wavetable, a synthesizer created by Ableton, can be used to transform sounds using wavetables derived from many different sources. 
  • Drum Buss is a component of Ableton that gives the user the ability to control and customize the sounds of drums
  • The pedal is also another component of Albeton, in which the user can use their analog stomp boxes in their music and edit the sounds they make,
  • Includes eight tools that can bring brilliant changes to the music. These changes can completely change the tone, color, and texture for music. The eight tools are pitch hack, gated delay, melodic steps, color limiter, spectral blur, re-enveloper, poll, and bass.
  • Improvements that make editing your music easier and faster
  • Library of sounds for users to incorporate into their own music

In conclusion, this software offers a variety of options to its users. They offer several videos on their website on how to use each of the programs, so it makes it less intimidating for beginners. The eight tools are impressive because you can alter your music as a whole, and it gets even more interesting because the software gives users the ability to look at their sounds closely and edit those with a click of the button. Overall, Ableton Live is the perfect program for people to produce music and sounds to their liking.

Wavetable is a component of Ableton Live in which the user can stretch and transform sounds of different instruments in order to make new sounds.
Jaxon Grayson
I have been a creative person since I was a kid and have used this for a year. I just downloaded the free trial to see how it works and it lets you create and play around easily without reading pages of instructions. Its a ton of fun and has led me to create full real songs that are HQ.
Learn how to create, program, and record music tracks from the pros at Ableton Live, a digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows. Live is versatile, keeping music in sync, in real-time, as you play/change musical concepts. It also comes with a collection of sounds, loops and instruments to make any kind of music, offering you an exciting array of effects in keeping with your eclectic sound. If you need flexible, fast music software, check out the free 90-Day Trial Download of Ableton Live 10 for Mac Windows. Read System Requirements before installing on a Windows PC.
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