UVI Workstation

Work on your music as if you were in the recording studio

Operating system: Windows

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Last revision: Last week

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An industry tested application that is used for those in the music industry

This product gives you the ability to work on your music as if you were in the recording studio and had the board in front of you. This product has been thoroughly tested and updated to bring you the best tools and is ready to go to work as soon as you are. 


This software has been thoroughly tested and updated to have all the accessories and tools as if you were in the studio.

  • Unlimited parts- You are given the power to add as many parts to your music and have the ability to change them easily. This means you can have as many instruments or sounds as you want and it works flawlessly with your MIDI board.
  • Arpeggiator- The arpeggiator is very flexible and powerful at the same time. Giving you the ability to change anything you want with over 100 steps of variable pitch, velocity and step length modulation, 26 playback modes and more!
  • Ability to manage instruments and loops in the same interface. The ability to manage certain core operations on the same screen is a great function to have and make use of to the best of your ability.
  • Optimized Mixing- you have immediate access to core buttons such as mute, solo, volume and pan.

Overall this product is very reliable for those that need a robust program to handle their jamming sessions. This program also has all the tools that you'll ever need and feedback is readily taken as to how to make the program even better in future versions. This program has everything that you will ever need and will make your music sound the best that it can be and give you the power to change the face of the music industry.

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