AKVIS Retoucher


Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AKVIS LLC

Last revision: Last week

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AKVIS Retoucher is a powerful program for restoring damaged images and retouching photos. A literally pair of movements can remove various scratches, stains, dust, unnecessary inscriptions or even unwanted objects. And, after deletion, the program completely restores the background structure, as if "finishing" it.

In addition to the removal, AKVIS Retoucher is able to reconstruct the missing parts of the photo, to "tighten" the hole spots, to expand the torn edges, etc.

Of course, all these operations can be performed, for example, using Photoshop, but it will be a long manual labor that requires a lot of experience and knowledge and thoughtful approach to the process. Using AKVIS Retoucher, even a beginner can do all this in a few movements and get almost equal in quality results.

Depending on the type of license AKVIS Retoucher can be installed either as a standalone program or as a plugin to the most popular graphics editors - Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, JASC Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo Paint and others.

The possibilities of the program depend on the type of license. The cheapest Home license (for home - non-commercial - use) allows you to install AKVIS Retoucher either as a program or as a plugin. Slightly more expensive types of licenses allow you to use both options and add several additional features to the program.

- the ease of use even for a layman;

- removes small defects and details of the image;

- removes large defects and image details;

- is restoring the background;

- is available both as a plugin and as a standalone program;

- reconstructs the missing parts of the photo;

- has special corrective tools Restoration along the line and Patch;

- facilitates processing and saves time;

- the capabilities of the program depend on the type of license. During the trial you can try all the options and choose the most suitable one;

- supports the Russian language;

- has Russian-language documentation.

Jacob (unverified)
AKVIS Retoucher allows users to retouch and enhance damaged images quickly and without the technical expertise required to use a more complicated program such as Photoshop. It is available as a standalone program and also as a plugin that integrates with many existing digital image programs.
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