AMS Passport Photo Maker

by AMS Software

Photography software that prints high-quality ID photos for identification documents

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AMS Software

Release: AMS Passport Photo Maker

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AMS Passport Photo Maker for Windows is a photography program used to print high-quality photos necessary for identification documents. Documents include passports, driver licenses, etc. This software is up to date with the most recent requirements related to the identification documents. There are settings for the corresponding countries of which the passports belong to.

The program allows users to alter their clothes, as well as the background, that can be seen in their photos. This helps them make their photos more appropriate for the documentation they are using them for. Other editing tools used in the program include brightness, balance, shadows, highlights, and contrast. There are automatic settings as well as manual adjustments that can be made by the user. 

Photos may be printed in any desired quality, on any size of paper. Custom templates can be saved within the program for future projects. The printed photos will have the professional qualifications required for these types of documents. 

Prints high-definition photos that meet requirements for passports, drivers licenses, and other ID documents.

  • Database with up-to-date requirements for international and national ID documents
  • Tools to alter background and clothing in photos
  • Editing features to change lighting, colors, saturation, etc
  • Easy custom printing
  • High-quality photos
This seems to try to cater to two different crowds. It seems like it's trying to aim to an everyday consumer base as well as professional users. I can best see the use case of this through a business or entity that prints out ID photos pretty consistently, I cannot imagine the average consumer needs to do this. I strictly adhere to the concept that if you try to be everything to everyone, you become nothing to everyone. I think this product would be better served if it focused more on professional features rather than accessible features. I do think that it is great that AMS has three different options for licensing so you're not paying for functionality you don't need but it just doesn't seem practical to market to home users. I feel it makes the mission and vision of the company too broad and cumbersome for professionals.
I like all the edit features it gives you to get your photo just right, then being able to print in HD is such a great option to have. Really good for any kind of official document you need a photo for. User friendly interface that doesn't make things complicated. Anyone of any age should be able to use this program as long as you know how to use a computer. Would recommend to friends and family
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