by iMobie

Compiles all of your Apple products and services into one easy-to-access location

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iMobie

Release: AnyTrans 7.0.5

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software enables users to transfer all of their previous Android data to an Apple device or product as well as transfer old iPhone data to a new iPhone. Not only does this facilitate an easier transfer across devices, but it also organizes all of your data. With AnyTrans all of your information, files, and products are all sorted in one easily-navigated space. Perfect for the minimalist approach and for cleaning up your desktop. Additionally, as AnyTrans stores your data it can function as a backup of the contents on your phone or device. Furthermore, AnyTrans offers the ability to search for and download compatible apps and store them in the same location as the rest of your compiled apple products. Organization has never been easier than with this software that does all of the work for you! AnyTrans also offers the capability to create ringtones from any stored audio files, including downloaded youtube videos. The software can also faciliate offline viewing by allowing access to over 900 sources of images and audio to download and store to watch later. These websites include top video sharing platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Dailymotion, and Youtube. 


  • One click clone allows efficient transfer of data between devices
  • Compiles all of your data including voice memos, notes, and safari search history into one organized location. 
  • Make fun ringtones from compiled audio clips
  • Search and download new apps from the included app store

This powerful software offers ample storage for all of your phone memory whether you're transferring data between iPhones or from Android to iPhone. In addition, AnyTrans can store video and audio from online sources, store additional applications, and even design ringtones. The organization and storage offered by AnyTrans are unparalleled due to the number of compatible websites and extensive sets of data that the software can transfer between devices.

This software is good because it utilities a one click clone to easily transfer all of your android data to your new iPhone.

Windows Vista 7/8/10 or iMobile

Kevin Topper
I believe that AnyTrans is a great feature to be able to access and use. With many people switching back and forth between androids and iphones, having the capability to transfer your data almost seamlessly seems like a great concept. Further, giving the simplicity as well as the added features such as ringtones from youtube videos or stored audio files makes an added bonus for the consumer. Given this possibility, it makes me feel more secure about switching phones in general.
Ben Lowman
AnyTrans is the ultimate software tool to transfer everything from Android device to your new iPhone. It gives efficient & minimalist control & absolute freedom over all your iOS data and files. No matter the content AnyTrans can handle it.
AnyTrans software enables the transfer of data between different iCloud accounts for iOS users. If you have more than one iCloud account this will enable the transfer of data such as video, pictures,s and other personal information from one account to another with ease. This can also be used to download and print the text messages in your iPhone or transfer the messages to a new phone. You can also assess photos, videos, or messages from iPhone on a Windows laptop even if you don't have an iOS laptop as MacBook or iMac.
Just so simple. AnyTrans for Windows simplifies the management of my Android phone. In three easy steps, I am set up and ready to go. I need to download the free program, run and install it. That's it. Just easy as that and I am able to management my Android from my PC. This program has revolutionized my life. It's just so much user-friendly to manage my phone from my computer. And it's synced up so I will have a backup. I love being able to print my text message and photos off my phone from my computer. That's just fabulous.
I used this for my iPhone because I did not want to keep using iTunes to synch. What I found is that it is easy to use, pretty straight forward and had sufficient memory. I have a PC so having to use it was not a problem. Overall it was fast and I did not run into any compatibility issues between the PC, the iPhone and the software. A pretty seamless experience for me, so I would recommend this product for sure.
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