ThinkVantage Access Connections

by Lenovo

A connectivity assistant for ThinkPad PCs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lenovo

Release: ThinkVantage Access Connections 6.26

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ThinkVantage Access Connections is a network connection program for ThinkPad who use Windows as their operating software on their Lenovo devices. ThinkVantage Access Connections allows Lenovo users to switch their network and Internet settings by selecting a location. Users can specify Location Profiles for their network devices and then restore the profile when needed. Through switching Location Profiles, ThinkVantage Access Connections allows you to connect to a network without having to reconfigure your device's settings when you move from different locations. Creating new profiles through ThinkVantage Access Connections are for authentication purposes which helps users keep their information safe or their work private. ThinkVantage Access Connections allows users to handpick the exact access point they want to connect with. Automatically, ThinkVantage Access Connections will connect its users to the "best" connection automatically. This is helpful for people who need to work when they are at home or when they at the office. ThinkVantage Access Connections allows people to be uninterrupted from their work by maintaining a location's connection. It can be extremely useful for people who travel quite frequently or are constantly on the move. ThinkVantage Access Connections is probably best for more seasoned computer operators. For everyday people, ThinkVantage Access Connections may be more than they need to use in their daily lives. 


  • Runs manually and upon starting the computer -- meaning users don't have to stop what they're doing to change their network connections. 
  • Sets IPs for one connection
  • Automatically change default printer settings which can be useful for people moving locations
  • Change your homepage settings

In conclusion, ThinkVantage Access Connections may not be a program for everyone. It will really only benefit those who often find themselves working in various locations. Due to this, ThinkVantage Access Connections can make be pretty handy and useful for people who do not want their work to be interrupted. 

It allows ThinkPad users to quickly switch network settings and Internet setting by selecting a location profile.

Derek Parker
This product looks like something that can be very useful for people that want to use a virtual machine. I like that it uses Windows with the Lenovo personal computer and tablets, as those are two brands that you can certainly trust. Having the program start up as soon as you power up the PC is something that is very convenient.
Logan Barbosa
Got internet? Use this to easily configure any network of your choosing! This amazing software makes internet and LAN connectivity a breeze, absolutely amazing how it can make something so complicated to me so easy to understand! It makes all of your connections easy to understand and you can configure your connections with ease!
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